The phrase “Closing Fantasy 14 has numerous cutscenes” is a serious understatement, like saying that the ocean has “rather a lot” of water. When requested in regards to the game’s story, I all the time give it a glowing suggestion, adopted by a warning that it will take a whole lot of hours to chew via. Astonishingly, u/eriyu of the Closing Fantasy 14 subreddit has been making an attempt to put in writing all of it down.

The typical novel is round 50,000 to 110,000 phrases. In the meantime, Closing Fantasy 14’s cutscenes outstrip this quantity by just a few hundred thousand, give or take. This makes the duty of digging via the game’s titanic phrase depend for lore a tall order. Certain, you’ll be able to view most of its cutscenes in any Inn through The Never-ending Journey, however there isn’t any easy strategy to CTRL+F for key phrases or moments.

Enter the fanbase. u/eriyu’s humbly named Closing Fantasy 14 Game Script has, on the time of posting, simply sunken its tooth into the Heavensward growth. They plan to notice down each important quest cutscene, voiced and voiceless, from the bottom game to the present patch, in addition to any required sidequests for development such because the Crystal Tower Alliance Raid, which was made obligatory in patch 5.3 

Whereas this titanic ledger is not the one third-party place you’ll be able to view FFXIV’s quest dialogue, u/eiryu notes that they’re lacking some scenes and include some errors, in order that’s why I am primarily getting textual content from the game itself.”

Even enjoying via the game as soon as is a large endeavor, not to mention penning down the whole expertise as you go. It is gradual going. “I am getting 99% of the textual content immediately in-game enjoying via on an alt, fairly than utilizing a textual content dump or one thing, so updates will not be tremendous quick.”

Whereas it is enjoyable to assume that u/eiryu is painstakingly re-writing the whole saga word-for-word, like some form of monk reproducing a holy textual content earlier than the invention of the printing press, they’ve confirmed that they are capable of copy the lion’s share of textual content from the occasions tab of the chat field.

Nonetheless, it is a related labour of affection: “I owe my life to folks placing game scripts for PS1 JRPGs on GameFAQs, and I could not imagine an identical script did not exist already for [Final Fantasy 14] after I went in search of one, so I took issues into my very own arms.”

Because of their arduous work, it will ultimately be far simpler for lore aficionados to sift via the game to again up their theories and collect gasoline for his or her fan content material. Alternatively, you may simply learn how many occasions the dread-inducing phrase “Pray return to the Waking Sands” was stated (surprisingly, solely 4). If you happen to frequent the Closing Fantasy 14 subreddit, go and ship them some love.