The most recent installment of the John Wick sequence dropped final weekend, crushing its franchise report opening weekend with an enormous $73.5 million. We’ve been watching Baba Yaga shoot, stab, run over, and blow up dozens of chuds each few years now since 2014, however that didn’t cease me from being tremendous excited to look at him throw a kotegaeshi on a dude straight right into a dashing automotive in entrance of the Arc de Triomphe. 

I used to be prepared for wonderful martial arts and gun fu, however what I wasn’t prepared for was a single overhead shot sequence pulled straight out of a videogame.

The shot was impressed by 2019’s Hong Kong Bloodbath, in accordance with director Chad Stahelski. In a film that already ran indulgently shut to a few hours, he needed to interrupt up the sequences and take a look at new issues. With incendiary rounds throwing superheated particles throughout the display screen, precise stuntmen lit on hearth far and wide, and Keanu Reeves himself doing the whole sequence in a single steady ballet of violence, the result’s extraordinary.

Hong Kong Bloodbath was itself impressed by a unprecedented movie. Sporting its influences solely on its sleeve, Bloodbath has all of the hallmarks of a traditional John Woo shooter. With a paper-thin plot and stylishly imprecise cutscenes offering the backdrop, the game is mainly Hotline Miami on the set of Exhausting Boiled. Weapons akimbo, onerous rain over neon indicators, and tea homes filled with dudes making an attempt to shoot you, the game is a straightforward however satisfying top-down shooter.

As for the film, it doesn’t disappoint. Donnie Yen is unbelievable as blind martial artist Caine, and Scott Adkins performs Killa, who I think is a loving hat-tip to Frank Miller’s Kingpin (it’s simply too dangerous the 2 couldn’t rehash their battle from Ip Man 4!). Reeves continues to impress along with his dedication to the craft, and producer Erica Lee has confirmed {that a} online game is within the works.