In the identical manner that I assume the solar will rise within the morning, CS:GO gamers load into matches assuming the AWP, the long-lasting sniper rifle that has damaged hearts and wrought legends for the final 20 years, would be the identical 1-shot-kill god gun it at all times has been. Effectively it nonetheless sort of is as we speak, however the AWP simply received critically nerfed. I hope the solar is OK.

Particularly, the AWP’s journal dimension has been lower in half, from 10 to five. Valve introduced the information alongside the discharge of CS:GO’s newest patch that additionally lowers the M4A1-S’s effectiveness at vary and removes Mud 2 from the present Energetic Obligation map pool.

“The AWP has had its journal dimension diminished to 5 bullets (so make them rely!),” the publish reads.

“Make them rely” certainly—that is a full 50% discount in ammo on the prepared, and it is positive to have a huge impact on what number of gamers (and doubtless some professionals) deploy this highly effective $4,750 weapon. An AWP in the precise fingers can utterly change the course of a match, and most professional groups subject a number of designated AWPers. It isn’t unusual for an skilled AWPer to chain collectively two, three, or 4 kills in a row, win the spherical, and use the exact same AWP within the subsequent spherical to do it once more. There is a purpose it is the most costly gun in CS:GO’s arsenal however, with a slimmer journal, gamers must contemplate if the AWP funding continues to be value it.

Is your AWP empty? Discuss to a health care provider about reloading extra continuously. (Picture credit score: Valve)

Most often? In all probability. The AWP is already a dangerous gun as is. You solely must miss as soon as to offer enemies a gap to spray you down. That is nonetheless the case with a 5-round magazine, however having to reload extra typically will certainly restrict a single participant’s potential to spam, noscope into small areas, and doubtlessly shut down a full crew of 5 even when they miss just a few shots. CS:GO’s neighborhood is reacting to the AWP nerf with a mixture of panic, confusion, and cautious optimism.

“Individuals will really reload now,” wrote Redditor Sosen.

“Additionally those that aren’t sick AWP gamers should be extra passive now. Cannot simply hold peeking ceaselessly,” added person mcucsgo.

Some commenters additionally laughed at the truth that simply three days after famed French AWPer kennyS returned to the game after an 18-month absence, Valve has curtailed his favourite gun.

AWP Dragon Lore CSGO gun

(Picture credit score: Valve Software program)

It is true that Valve hardly ever makes dramatic tweaks to CS:GO’s gun meta, and when it does situation a change to a core weapon, it tends to stay. The final main change to the AWP was a whopping seven years in the past. That 2015 patch triggered an enormous stir with AWPers, who found a nerf to scoped-in motion pace meant they might now not quick-peek angles for immediate kills the way in which that they had been for years. The AWP additionally received a minor nerf to its motion acceleration in February 2020, however that tweak was so small it did not even make it into the weblog publish.

Curiously, the 5-round magazine change brings the AWP extra consistent with its counterpart in CS:GO’s greatest competitor, Valorant. Riot’s model of the AWP rifle, the cutely named Operator (“Op” for brief) additionally has a 5-round magazine. Earlier than as we speak, journal dimension was one of many principal differentiators between these two dominant rifles—in each different manner that issues, the weapons are principally similar.

Possibly Valve is taking some notes from Riot’s tactical shooter, which might solely be truthful after the League of Legends studio did one massive Ctrl+C+V on Counter-Strike’s complete deal.