In a collection of occasions that really feel like some type of advertising and marketing stunt by Massive Password Supervisor, an Outdated College Runescape participant with over 20,000 hours on a single character has had it snatched away by hackers. GamesRadar reviews that Diddeboy—a infamous and never particularly beloved determine within the Runescape neighborhood—awoke lately to search out that their maxed-out “skiller” account had been stolen. Worse, whoever stole it had rubbed salt within the wound, renaming the character from Diddeboy1 to “Similar Password In every single place”.

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In the event you’re not up in your Runescape lingo, a skiller account is basically a type of quasi-pacifist run: a self-imposed problem that sees gamers attempt to max out their talent ranges whereas remaining at fight stage 3, the bottom potential for gamers within the game. Diddeboy says they’ve spent 20K hours doing simply that, dedicating 8000 hours to maxing the game’s slayer skillset alone (how do you max a skillset named ‘slayer’ with out upping your fight rank? Cleansing lamps, after all).

However most painful of all? Runescape gamers on Reddit who checked out the present state of Diddeboy’s account notice that its fight stats appear to be creeping precipitously upwards. It seems just like the hacker has ended a streak that is taken up over two precise years’ of Diddeboy’s life.

RIP Rank 1 Skiller from r/2007scape

It is not clear whether or not the hack was an assault of alternative or one thing extra focused, however Diddeboy has a less-than-great popularity within the Runescape neighborhood that will have made an assault extra possible. 

As a top-ranked skiller, they had been infamous amongst gamers for criticising adjustments to game that “devalued” on a regular basis they’d spent cleansing lamps, whereas others recall instances that Diddeboy popped as much as “shit discuss” the achievements of different gamers on skiller accounts. Some folks have discovered greater than just a little schadenfreude in Diddeboy’s present misfortune.

“The dude was a bit unbearable about his accomplishment,” stated a Reddit person named NotTheBeeze, “however I would not want that type of ache on my worst enemy”.

In some unspecified time in the future, the hacker additionally appeared to achieve entry to Diddeboy’s Twitter account, presumably as a result of, effectively, they’d the identical password all over the place, nevertheless it seems like Twitter may need responded to their pleas quicker than Runescape developer Jagex. The Twitter account is now silent, with the hacker’s tweets deleted, nevertheless it does not seem like Diddeboy has regained entry to Runescape simply but.

There’s been no phrase from Jagex about displaying mercy and rolling again his account to a pre-hack fight stage. If Jagex does take pity, although, it ought to in all probability mandate that Diddeboy get a Bitwarden account first.