One of the most well-liked streamers has determined that an exclusivity deal is not sufficient. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has dropped his contract with Twitch and plans to stream on all main platforms on the identical time.

After seemingly staging a sudden hiatus final week, Ninja has returned to announce that he will not signal a take care of Twitch or YouTube, however will as an alternative stream concurrently on each of them, in addition to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

“When you sign an exclusivity contract, it’s usually a big fat check that’s tied to it. That’s guaranteed money, that’s sustainability, that’s comfortable. But right now, I’m basically on my own,” he stated whereas taking part in Fortnite on his first multi-stream right now.

“Technically, people like Twitch and YouTube and Facebook, they don’t want people to stream on another platform, they don’t want to lose viewers to another platform. In a perfect world, all three of the companies want you exclusive there,” he stated.

Last week, after teasing his hiatus and altering his social media profiles to say “User Not Found,” Ninja’s Twitch accomplice checkmark disappeared. Now that he is again, presumably he is not sure by the “multi-year” contract he signed with the platform in 2020. In order to stream in every single place, he is opted out of permitting subscriptions totally on the platform as a Twitch affiliate. Twitch launched the restrictions on companions streaming to TikTok and Instagram final month, however they’re nonetheless not allowed to broadcast on YouTube or Facebook—its two greatest rivals. And associates aren’t allowed to multi-stream in any respect.

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At the time of this writing, round two hours into his first stream, Ninja has round 13,000 viewers on Twitch, 7,000 on YouTube, 13,400 on TikTok, and 1,000 on Facebook. He’s in a position to learn chat from all platforms without delay, which a bot in his Twitch chat suggests is through a multi-stream service known as Restream.

By opting out of Twitch’s explicit grind for viewership and going huge, Ninja is likely one of the first well-known streamers to shed all exclusivity offers to go stay on all platforms. According to a leak of Twitch’s inside information final 12 months, most Twitch streamers do not make sufficient cash to have that luxurious and are caught trying to find methods to develop among the many different eight million lively channels (in keeping with TwitchTracker). Ninja, nonetheless, is large enough on his personal, with main publishers reportedly paying him one million {dollars} to play their game, that he would not must signal any contracts.

Pokimane, one other extraordinarily profitable Twitch streamer, made the same choice to cease streaming full-time on Twitch final week. She introduced that she’s going to concentrate on non-gaming content material exterior of Twitch, citing the fixed chase for relevancy on the platform as the rationale why. “I feel like other platforms fit into my lifestyle nowadays a little bit better,” she stated.