I am starting to fall sufferer to a form of paranoia. Is there something that may’t run Doom at this level? Is there something that is not operating it as we communicate? I am starting to detect the E1M1 music on the fringe of my listening to as I am going about my enterprise, catching glimpses of cacodemons out the nook of my eye. Am I operating Doom? Are you?

Your toothbrush is. Or, nicely, it might be, as a result of the newest unlikely implement to play host to the granddaddy of each FPS on Earth is a Planck Mini toothbrush. Rinse and floss, slayer, till it’s performed.

Noticed by 404 Media, toothbrush-Doom comes courtesy of a wizard named Aaron Christophel, who hacked the WiFi-enabled brush utilizing customized firmware earlier than loading a particular, customized model of Doom onto the factor. Ordinarily, the Planck Mini’s WiFi capabilities are solely there to allow the dental hygiene surveillance state: letting you accumulate studies and details about your children’ brushing habits even if you happen to’re not at house. Sounds borderline unhinged to me, however I am not a guardian or an agent of the Colgate Securitate.

Anyway, as soon as the Planck was totally jailbroken, Christophel used a pair of GitHub initiatives to get Doom engaged on its dinky little display screen. The primary was a mission from developer Jeroen Domburg that obtained Doom operating on a Christmas tree bauble some time again, and the second was Simon Howard’s miniwad, a teeny-tiny Doom model which did lots of the work in getting the game shrunk down sufficiently to suit on the comb’s 4MB of flash storage. Even nonetheless, Christophel needed to shrink that model right down to get the factor operating.

Toothbrush hacks performed, all that was left was to play Doom on the factor. It runs… really very easily, and is controllable with a standard pc mouse, although the dearth of an on-board speaker means you aren’t getting to take heed to the mintiest rendition of a shotgun blast you ever heard in your life.

It is nice, frankly, and if we’re doomed (heh) to progress inexorably down this highway to a cyberpunk future where every part is feeding our private information again to a shadowy imperium of San Francisco tech bros and you may homicide folks by refreshing their brains, then at the very least we get these absurd little initiatives to preserve us entertained on the way in which there. You’ve got gotta keep optimistic, in spite of everything, even in hell on Earth.