The System Shock remake is lastly right here, eight years after it was first introduced, and Nightdive is already serious about what it needs to do subsequent with the sequence. It won’t be what we count on, both: In a chat with TechRadar, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick mulled over a couple of potential initiatives the studio might connect the System Shock identify to, together with a simple remake of System Shock 2 or, intriguingly, an XCOM-like technique game set on Citadel Station.

Kick stated that Nightdive may desire to let System Shock 2’s upcoming enhanced version “breathe by itself for a bit” earlier than the studio dedicated to a full remake of that game, which means there may be a little bit of room to experiment with the sequence. “We have talked about exploring the System Shock universe in numerous genres,” Kick advised TRG, mentioning the concept of “an XCOM-like that takes place earlier than the occasions of System Shock 1, where you are the resistance on Citadel Station”.

In System Shock, about six months go in between the participant character hacking SHODAN to take away her moral restraints and waking up from his subsequent post-surgery therapeutic coma, leaving numerous time within the interim for Nightdive to stage a method game. You’d play as Citadel Station’s workers—presumably the exact same individuals whose audio logs you later gather within the authentic game—as they tried to withstand SHODAN’s rise and went about “combating SHODAN’s cyborgs and machines” nevertheless they may, stated Kick.

“Personally, I believe that will be actually cool,” stated Kick, and I’ve to agree. It could in all probability be a reasonably tragic game, provided that (spoiler alert) Citadel’s resistance would not reach toppling SHODAN earlier than System Shock’s participant character exhibits up, however seeing the station’s fall could be an attention-grabbing twist of perspective.

This is only one of a number of concepts Nightdive is kicking round right away, so there’s completely no assure it will ever get additional than Kick idly noting that it sounds neat, however the studio can not less than put me down within the ‘in favour’ column. I am very curious to see where System Shock goes subsequent.

In PCG’s System Shock remake overview by, uh, me, I had my quibbles with how faithfully Nightdive had tailored the strengths and weaknesses of the unique game, however I assumed it did justice to such a beloved traditional. I am keen to search out out where the studio takes issues sooner or later.