Nice moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of a few of our favourite gaming reminiscences.

Venture Zomboid

Nice moments in PC gaming: Constructing a bit of server group in Venture Zomboid then dying six occasions in a row

(Picture credit score: The Indie Stone)

12 months: 2013 (early entry)
Developer: The Indie Stone

Demise is inevitable. In Venture Zomboid, doubly so. Greater than 10 years after Zombie survival basic Venture Zomboid launched, my mates and I lastly arrange a server. We tweaked the settings a bit of to provide us a semblance of safety, however Venture Zomboid is punishing even on its best setting, and it wasn’t lengthy earlier than every one among us was on our second, third, even our fourth character. That is when the rage-quitting began.

We have been doing so effectively—at factors. Even when the water connection lastly shut off, we might collected sufficient rain and wooden scraps to disinfect rags and make stew on the every day. All three of the primary crew had their very own vehicles even, because of my character’s potential to hotwire. Some days, you’d stroll by means of the home and see a residing settlement blossoming; gamers studying books within the backyard, stripping all the way down to their underpants to get in some reps, dismantling bits of furnishings to construct up the defenses.

It was actually rising right into a bustling little group. However all this residing the excessive life got here to an abrupt finish when our non-survival-game-playing mates arrived. Asking them where they’d spawned was an ordeal in and of itself. “Oh, I am in a bit of home,” they’d say. Like, OK… what’s round you?

Fortunately, my accomplice had set the server up so we might all see one another on the map. So, me being the fantastic buddy that I’m, I gathered some snacks and weapons collectively, and headed off throughout virtually your entire size of the Knox County map to retrieve my stranded buddy. It wasn’t lengthy earlier than we bought into some bother. 

Quickly this so-called buddy found that the Q button makes your character shout, and since they stored spamming it, in got here the horde. We thrashed round a bit whereas I attempted to clarify to her what “encumbrance” meant, and have been rapidly mauled to items. There goes my badass burglar character with stage 5 fishing ability, Peter Phile.

On the second try my automotive ran out of gasoline half means there, and in the midst of a large horde, after all.

Ultimately we bought our buddy again to base camp, however scouting with anybody who’s unfamiliar with a game is traumatic (I ought to know, it is often me). Mainly it ended up with each of us rage quitting as a result of screw going by means of the character design course of for the fifth bloody time in a single sitting. I like my mates, however because of this I play solo RPGs.