Fighting the Beast of the Valley!

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There are two sets of bosses you can complete while playing Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. They are field bosses and world bosses. Each has its own unique fighting abilities and requires a certain amount of players in order to defeat them. In this guide, we will be explaining how to defeat Vulcan, The Beast of the Valley. Although he’s not the hardest field boss you can take on, he’s pretty tough!

How to Fight Vulcan Field Boss

As with the other field bosses you need to wait a certain time throughout the day before you can fight him. You can also take on additional bounties in order to get double the rewards earned. Vulcan is no exception. In order to beat Vulcan you need to head into your menu, find a challenge, field boss, to see when you can defeat him. Don’t worry, ten minutes before the event you will get a notification in-game asking if you want to fast travel there. Once there you will team up with other players in your server to take on Vulcan.

Vulcan is level 64 and is the third hardest field boss to take on. Dying will probably be something you do a lot in case you can dodge his attacks or heal appropriately. Vulcan is a fire field boss and it’s recommended to bring a water weapon along with water familiar. It is also suggested you have a CP level of 502,000! As with the other field bosses, you can team up with players in a party to earn bonuses.

Vulcan Field Boss Rewards

Field bosses give out rewards once you’ve beaten them. If you have taken up bounty missions you can receive additional rewards as well. It’s recommended you accept the bounty missions first. Some rewards you can earn after beating Vulcan are:

  • Rare Earrings
  • Common General Weapon Enhancement Stone
  • Common Armor Enhancement Stone
  • & many more!

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