Taking down an Ancient Yeti!

NiNoKuni CrossWorlds
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If you have reached the final field boss from Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, congrats! You have reached one of the hardest bosses, which means, you’re powerful enough to take on this beast. As with the other field bosses there are certain requirements you need to have in order to beat them. It is also highly recmomended you join a party so you can get those party bonuses with your team. Here’s how you can beat Giganti field boss in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds.

How to Fight Giganti Field Boss

Beating any of the field bosses in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds takes some patience because you can’t just fight them any time throughout the day. In order to view when a boss is active you have to head into your menu, find a challenge, field boss, to see when you can defeat him. Ten minutes before the event you will get a notification in-game asking if you want to fast travel there. Once there you will team up with other players in your server to take on Giganti.

What level is Giganti? He’s level 78 and requires you to have a CP of 210,100! This boss is a water elemental monster, so it’s recommended, you bring an Earth elemental weapon. Just as the previous boss, Vulcan, you will die a lot. We suggest you team up with other players, once you’re there, so you can destroy Giganti without dying too much. Try dodging his attacks and you’ll wind up with some pretty great rewards.

Giganti Field Boss Rewards

Field bosses give out rewards once you’ve beaten them. If you have taken up bounty missions you can receive additional rewards as well. It’s recommended you accept the bounty missions first. Some rewards you can earn after beating Giganti are:

  • Rare four star Jewelry
  • Common General Weapon Enhancement Stone
  • Common Armor Enhancement Stone
  • & many more!

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