Let’s take down Ardor together!

NiNoKuni CrossWorlds
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Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is the latest MMO mobile game that features plenty of unique monsters followed by a compelling storyline. What makes Ni No Kuni a fun experience is teaming up with players around the world to take down strong world bosses. This is permanent content where you team up with over 50 players in a raid to earn rewards for defeating the boss. In this guide we will explain how to unlock world bosses and how to beat them.

Unlocking World Bosses in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

World bosses are timed events that happen throughout the day where you can join a team of other players to fight. They appear during these times: 02:30, 08:30, 14:30. Ardor is the current world boss you will be facing and as the game continues to update we will be meeting another boss. In order to gain access to these world bosses you need a world boss ticket; these tickets are given once you’ve completed a bounty successfully.

You will be notified on your map that a world boss has appeared and in order to access it you need to fast travel when prompted to.

How to Beat Ardor

World bosses are set up in stages where you need to be a certain level to access the difficulty. The three stages are:

  • Stage 1 (Level 38)
  • Stage 2 (Level 59)
  • Stage 3 (Level 79)

These different stages will have rewards that differ depending on the stage you have picked to participate in. The best reward you can win is a four star accessory that you can use to raise your players stats. In order to beat Ardor you need to dodge attacks swiftly because he can hit you pretty hard. His attacks range from using weapons to using water familiars that deal a significant amount of damage. Thankfully, if you manage to beat the boss, you will get the same rewards as your teammates. Even if your team mate or yourself gets a high impact score, you will still get the same rewards. If you lose the battle your world boss ticket won’t be consumed.

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