New World
New World

Voidbent Ingot is a rare crafting component required to create some of New World’s most powerful armour parts. There are two ways to obtain Voidbent Ingot: crafting or buying. To craft them you’ll need 1x Void Ore, 1x Void Essence, and 10x Energy Core.

Only Orichalcum veins drops Void Ore, which requires a mining skill of at least 175. Once you have gathered all of the components, you need to gather them in at least Tier 3 smelter. If you do not want to go through all these troubles, you can always buy them but expect to pay a hefty sum.

Once you’ve obtained enough Voidbent Ingots, you can use it to make your Voidbent Armor set. Each Voidbent Armor requires 1x Voidbent Ingot and some other additional components.

The components should be T5 materials such as Phoenixweave, Asmodeum, Runic Leather, or Tolvium. Once obtained the components put them in a Tier 5 smelter. Once you have done it, you will have one of the best durable armor in New World.

New World Voidbent Ingot Recipe, Location and Use

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