New World
New World

Unlike cinnamon and many other substances found in the New World, salt cannot be found in the wild. Your best bet is to seek for it in Provision Crates instead. The chances of obtaining salt in these crates are pretty high.

Your best best to get salt is to seek around Everfall and Brightwood. Everfall is a level 1-25 region that you can try hunting for salt. These are low-level regions, yet they might still be difficult for new players.

Other areas such as Ebonrock and Riverworn Grotto can be checked out as well to obtain salt. Brightwood also contains a lot of Provision Crates, however this location is best for level 27-35 players.

In the New World, salt is a useful element that may be utilised to create a broad range of cooking recipes. Though salt is not rare, but you’ll need a lot of it if you want to delve further into the culinary arts.

New World Salt Location and its Use

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