Affiliate editor Tyler Colp mentioned again in March that he was satisfied Blizzard was about to deliver a ranged assist class to World of Warcraft. Because it seems, he was partly right: Right now Blizzard unveiled the brand new Augmentation specialization for the Dracthyr Evoker class, a injury supplier position coming to the game this summer season that makes use of “the essence of the Black and Bronze dragonflights to amplify the talents of close by allies.”

“The playstyle for this new specialization entails empowering your allies with a wide range of useful results,” Blizzard defined within the Augmentation Evoker preview. “Some may be cast straight in your allies, whereas others are tied to utilizing your damage-dealing talents successfully. Augmentation Evokers ship their injury in a completely distinctive manner. They act as pressure multipliers, growing their group’s capabilities (and injury output) considerably.”

(Picture credit score: Blizzard)

Some Augmentation talents will buff both your complete social gathering or particular person members, and lots of will use “good or proximity-based computerized concentrating on” so Augmentation Evokers can assist their friends whereas staying centered on the combat. You will additionally be capable of goal particular members of your social gathering for buffs, should you choose.

Black dragonflight magic is concentrated on uncooked energy boosts and “forceful outbursts of earthen would possibly,” Blizzard mentioned, whereas bronze dragonflight magic “is all about bending time, altering destiny, and shifting timelines to large impact.” Listed here are just a few examples:

Ebon Would possibly

  • 1.5 second cast, 30 second cooldown.
  • Improve your 4 nearest allies’ main stat by a share of your individual, and trigger your Eruption to deal extra injury for 10 sec. A few of your different spells lengthen the length of those results.


  • 2 second cast. Prices 3 Essence. Replaces Disintegrate.
  • Trigger a violent eruption beneath an enemy’s toes, dealing Volcanic injury break up between them and close by enemies. Will increase the length of your lively Ebon Would possibly results.


  • 2.5 second empower, 40 second cooldown.
  • Collect earthen energy beneath your enemy’s toes and ship them hurtling upwards, dealing Volcanic injury to them and close by enemies. Empowering expands the realm of impact. Will increase the length of your lively Ebon Would possibly results.

Breath of Eons

  • 1.5 minute cooldown. Replaces Deep Breath.
  • Fly to the focused location, exposing Temporal Wounds on enemies in your path for 10 sec. Temporal Wounds accumulate a portion of injury dealt by your allies, after which critically strike the enemy for that quantity on the finish of the length. Will increase the length of your lively Ebon Would possibly results.

Augmentation Evokers will even have entry to an all-new spec tree that may allow them to extend their black or bronze magic specializations and uncover new methods to assist their comrades.

(Picture credit score: Blizzard)

So it isn’t an all-new class, however including a complete new specialization to an present class is a giant deal in its personal right, and Blizzard mentioned the Augmentation Evoker spec “presents a novel alternative to delve right into a playstyle by no means seen earlier than in World of Warcraft.”

The Augmentation Evoker specialization is slated to go reside in World of Warcraft this summer season as a part of the Fractures in Time content material update, which will even embody a brand new Daybreak of the Infinite mega-dungeon, a brand new Time Rifts public occasion, and the Kalimdor Grand Prix dragonriding occasion.