Amazon’s New World MMO celebrated its reworked starting by opening a bunch of “contemporary begin” servers earlier this month, and it is induced a little bit of a inhabitants disaster. The game’s legacy servers aren’t fairly as bustling as they was once now that so many individuals have departed for the green and fertile lands of the brand new ones. So Amazon’s gonna mash a bunch of them collectively.

The server merge will happen on Friday, December 2 at 7 am GMT / 2 am EST (which suggests December 1 at 11 pm for individuals on PST), and can see 13 servers merged into 6 over the course of a 2.5 hour downtime interval. The listing of servers being merged is as follows:

  • Tupia shall be merging into Asgard.
  • Fae shall be merging into Niflheim.
  • Eden shall be merging into Olympus.
  • Themiscyra and Frislandia are merging into Heliopolis.
  • Aukumea shall be merging into El Dorado.
  • Eridu shall be merging into Delos.

These servers had been picked based mostly on a “mixture of common concurrency, energetic characters, faction inhabitants, and extra,” so in case your server did not get picked, it is most likely as a result of it is too dang fashionable. Or it is based mostly on no matter mysterious class falls beneath “and extra”. Tarot readings, most likely.

Participant response to the merge’s announcement has largely been optimistic, though a couple of are remarking that it’s not expansive sufficient, and may embody contemporary begin servers, too. Others are simply remembering previous merges, like that point a predominantly French-speaking server merged with a predominantly-English one, leading to one thing like a chronic, irritating Monty Python skit earlier than issues calmed down.

We weren’t too eager on New World when it launched again in 2021, giving it 60% and criticising it for feeling “scattershot and underbaked”. Regardless of an unimaginable launch, it struggled to hold on to its initially massive participant base, making merges like this one mandatory. I suppose it would be silly to jot down this one off, although, it is not as if Amazon is strapped for the money it must hold the game going.