New World
New World

To obtain fiber, in New World you need to harvest it from the hemp plant. Hemp plants are found throughout the two biomes of Aeturnum: forest and grassland. Hemp plants are tall plants with purple flowers on the top of each stem. To harvest fiber from the hemp plant, you need some kind of harvest sickle.

Fortunately, it is very easy to make one-all you need to make one on a campfire is 1 green wood and 1 flint, and you can collect them in the starting area around Monarch’s Bluffs Watchtower.

Fiber is another useful crafting resource, and you can make it into fabrics for clothing and armor perfectly. It is also used to make your first wooden fishing rod.

New World Hemp locations

New World  hemp

If you want to go out and find hemp by yourself, open the game map and click on the resource location on the left. There you will see the location of different biomes on the map. Look for wooded and grassland areas and look around, you will soon encounter some Hemp. You can also refer to the Hemp location map, which is taken from the interactive online map of New World.