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New World

New World has published the Winter Convergence Festival which will take place from December 16 to January 11. It has cosmetics, collectibles, armors, and weapons that can only be purchased with winter tokens which can be obtained using Gleamite crystals. At Holiday Hut in Winter Village, you will receive a single Winter Token in exchange for ten Gleamite crystals.

To begin this quest, you must first finish the “Joy Recaptured” quest and then visit Winter Wanderer. He will instruct you to locate and collect the gleamite. You can mine the Gleamite pieces and trade them for winter tokens.

New World Gleamite Locations Map

Gleamite meteors will fall at random places throughout the night, with no obvious pattern. All you have to do is follow the route of the meteors wherever you see them. Even if you’re looking for these pieces at night, you’ll have no trouble finding them.

Mine these chunks as quickly as you can and stack up more of these crystals to obtain Winter Tokens. Keep an eye out for these beautiful Gleamite crystals dropping from the skies, to get winter tokens.

New World Gleamite Locations Map | Where to find

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