New World
New World

New World has a massive world to explore and it might be difficult to find every item on the list in this huge map. Some missions require very specific items, you need to know exactly where some of these items are. One of these is Dragonglory flowers, or stems and leaves, which might be difficult to find. In this guide we will tell you their location and use.

You must be in Windsward to find Dragonglory Flower in the New World. Dragonglory Flower are a fairly large red plant with flower which you can reap with the sickle. Depending on the Harvesting level, you will get the stems, leaves and flowers of Dragonglory. Note that you cannot harvest it until you have 30 Harvesting and you can’t track it until 45.

The Leaf and Flower of Dragonglory are a bit rare and may require additional Harvesting levels to collect them consistently. The higher the harvest level, the better you will be. Fire Motes is usually easy to find. Red resources such as salamander snails also have Fire Motes.

Stems and leaves are tier 2 resources and flowers are tier 3. Flowers are used to craft Ignited perk on the weapons which can add fire to weapons on damage and increase your intelligence stat. Since this is a Tier 3 item, the scale only increases to 40%, not the maximum 50% offered by Tier 4 items.

New World Dragonglory Flower Location and Uses

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