Welcome to this week’s guide. Within this article, we will be exploring New World crafting. The
game offers hundreds of different crafting options to build epic gameplay, making your New
World adventures as fun packed as possible. Crafting holds so much weight in the game that
players could potentially level themselves to max capacity without engaging in a single battle.
It is worth noting that due to some materials being scarce, you may be required to buy them in
order to craft certain objects. Doing so will require New World coins; Lucky for you, Chicks Gold
is a trusted provider to the masses, an option well worth consideration. So, now that we know
just how vital crafting is let’s get into the details of it.
Let’s look at the seven crafting skills New World has to offer:
● Armoring – Apparel
● Arcana – Potions, Magical Weapons, Tinctures.
● Cooking – Consumables
● Engineering – Ranged Weapons, Ammunition.
● Furnishing – Furniture, Chests, Trophies, Houses.
● Jewelcrafting – Trinkets
● Weaponsmithing – Melee Weapons (excluding spear)
With each level you increase in a crafting skill, you will unlock better versions of items and more
recipes for further crafting tasks.
What You Need To Know

Refining – Once you have a good inventory, you will need to filter through your items to find
those most useful. Those that you find to be of little use can be crafted into more valuable
materials, and you’ll gain XP for doing so. For example, items such as Iron Ores can be turned
into Iron Bars for a more profitable entity. However, this isn’t the case for all crafting tasks
throughout the game, and you’ll need to put in the work in some cases.

Leveling Stations – You will be required to level up certain areas of the towns by completing
Town Board missions; then, the faction leaders or company leaders can then authorize an
upgrade. This is down to the fact that when you begin the game, you will be responsible for
leveling workshops for use. In addition, you will be able to tell the level of each settlement as the
stations visibly upgrade with each new tier.

Yield Increase – As you level your crafting skill, the yield for your items will also increase. An
example of this is when you begin your New World journey as an Arcanist and produce a
Healing Tincture, each attempt will provide you with one. As your level increases and you reach
a higher tier, you may see yourself earning 2+ per attempt.
Tools – You will need five tools to start your journey effectively, these are as follows:
● Pickaxe – Used to mine minerals.
● Skinning Knife – For skinning animals, you have hunted.
● Chopping Axe – To take down trees to gather wood.
● Fishing Rod – To fish
● Sickle – Harvest plants

Of course, it is a given that you will require resources to craft all of the items you will need. So it
shouldn’t be too surprising that you will need to locate and collect these resources; this can be
done through methods such as chopping down trees, mining, and at times simply collecting
valuable items on your travels.
A few things to note, however, are that you can’t get your hands on certain materials straight out
of the gate. Some will be unlocked with leveling. As will the ability to track resources; once this
ability kicks in, you’ll be able to save time and energy locating what you need. The timing of
these abilities can vary from player to player and depending on which resources you seek. For
instance, reaching level 10 mining will allow you to use your compass to find Iron Ores. Finally,
don’t forget to utilize your emap; it can be highly beneficial in locating good spots to gather
Additional Increases

Gear Score
As you increase your crafting ability, the gear score for crafted items can also increase. With
this, the minimum crafted gear score will also follow. The increase means that if you are a highly
skilled craftsman, you have the potential to yield higher gear scores even when using lower-tier
As well as increasing the probability of increasing your gear score, as your crafting skill
increases the likelihood of crafting an item with an Empty Gem Socket or Perks. Throughout
Aeternum, you can find Azoth, a magical element that, when used while crafting, can increase
the power of a bonus that may appear on the crafted item.
Thanks For Reading!
This concludes our New World Crafting Guide, and we do hope that you have found this article
to be helpful in your leveling endeavors. Check back with us next week for more epic gaming