New World
New World

New World is a MMORPG massive game with different options and game modes that allow you to shape your identity in the game. This list features some of the best builds for all classes to help you get the most out of the game. The list features various classes with info regarding best primary & secondary weapon and attributes.

Best tank build in New World

  • Main weapon: Sword and Shield- Swordmaster or Defender Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Any two-handed weapon
  • Key Attributes: Strength, Constitution

Best DPS build in New World

  • Main weapon: Musket – Sharpshooter Mastery or Rapier – Blood Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Fire Staff – Pyromancer Mastery
  • Key Attributes: Dexterity, Intelligence

Best healer build in New World

  • Main weapon: Life Staff – Healing or Protector Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Hatchet — Berserker Mastery
  • Key Attributes: Focus, Constitution or Dexterity

Best mage build in New World

  • Main weapon: Fire Staff – Fire Mage or Pyromancer Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Ice Gauntlet – Ice Tempest or Builder Mastery
  • Key Attributes: Intelligence, Constitution

Best solo build in New World

  • Main weapon: Hatchet – Berserker Mastery
  • Secondary weapon: Life Staff – Healing Mastery
  • Key Attributes: Strength, Constitution
New World Best builds for all classes (Weapons & Attributes)

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