New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer reveals new Pokemon, Team Star, and the return of Totems

Image through the Pokémon Company

As Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s launch date creeps nearer and nearer, we continue to learn an increasing number of about what the ninth era of video games has to supply. The newest trailer reveals a swath of latest data that covers a number of facets of the game.

As you’ll be able to see even in simply the thumbnail of the brand new Seek Your Treasure trailer beneath, we have now a brand new crab Pokémon — it’s known as Klawf. The trailer exhibits an ordinary and a Totem model of the brand new ‘mon. Totem Pokémon were introduced in Sun and Moon: they were boss versions of standard Pokémon that were much larger than their regular forms. In Scarlet and Violet’s case, these have been renamed Titan Pokémon. You’ll battle them whereas finishing your classmate Arven’s a part of the story. Arven seeks the Herba Mystica, uncommon particular substances for his recipes, and every one is guarded by one among these Titan Pokémon. So far we’ve solely seen one, and that’s our new crab pal Klawf.

We additionally met a number of enemies within the new trailer. Past Pokémon video games have seen the participant tangle with villainous teams like Team Rocket and Team Skull, and Scarlet and Violet will pit us towards Team Star. These are essentially the most rebellious college students on the academy the participant attends. Their outfits will look completely different relying on which model of the game you play, with titular scarlet and violet equipment, however regardless of which one you’re enjoying, you’ll nonetheless should infiltrate their hideouts and take out the Team Star leaders.

We’ve met one among these up to now. Her title is Mela, and he or she’s Team Star’s Fire-type chief. The trailer exhibits her sending out Torkoal whereas standing atop her Starmobile. Each Team Star chief has their very own automobile like this, and the Starmobile itself may even should be defeated to take down the chief — the engine seems to be a brand new Pokémon too.

This was a really substantial trailer, and there’s nonetheless extra to be taught earlier than the brand new Pokémon era arrives. Scarlet and Violet’s launch date is Friday, November 19.