Our spotlight of new indie games released this week highlights the best from indie gaming.

As March comes in like a lion, it’s time to round up this week’s new indie releases. This week there are supernatural happenings, Moomin madness, and chill house-building vibes on the horizon. The end of the week is light on releases, but it’s front-loaded with some great new games.

The Thaumaturge

Image Credit: Fool’s Theory.

Journey into the supernatural with a new supernatural isometric RPG from developers Fool’s Theory. Set in early 1905 Warsaw, you play as a Thaumaturge imbued with unique powers and the ability to see creatures called Salutors. Explore the world and harness the powers of ethereal creatures on PC.

Bullet Bunny

Image Credit: Penusbmic.

Take on swarms of enemies in this twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements from developers Penusbmic. Boasting a variety of builds for each run, over 75 power-ups, and a range of characters with different passive and super abilities, you can bullet hell your way to victory on PC.

March 5 – New Indie Games Releasing

Quilts and Cats of Calico

Image Credit: Monster Couch.

Time to get cozy with cats and quilts from developers Monster Couch. Based on the board game Calico you can play solo or compete with friends to complete your quilt and make friends with a city of cats. Colorful, cozy, and cute, this adorable strategy game wraps you in blankets on PC.

Mediterranea Inferno

Image Credit: Eyeguys and Lorenzo Redaelli.

Already on PC, this stylish visual novel from developers Eyeguys and Lorenzo Redaelli is coming to consoles. This visually stunning tale follows three men as they try to reconnect after the isolation of the pandemic. Choose daily activities, follow their story, and uncover generational secrets on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S.

March 6 – New Indie Games Releasing

Berserk Boy

Image credit: BerserkBoy Games.

This retro Metroidvania comes from aptly named developers BeserkBoy Games. Mixing elements of Mega Man, Metroid, and other classic platformers you can harness the powers of lightning, fire, ice, air, and earth to defeat the mad scientist Dr. Genos. Go berserk on PC and Nintendo Switch.


Image Credit: Pixelsplit.

Developers Pixelsplit are looking to creep you out in this first-person narrative psycho-thriller. Play as Walter Thompson and unravel the mystery of his wife and daughter’s disappearance all while trying to recover your recent memories. Filled with creepy clowns and circus imagery, this puzzle-loaded mystery creeps onto PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

March 7 – New Indie Games Releasing

Snufkin: Melody of Moomin Valley

Image Credit: Hyper Games.

Bring music back to Moomin Valley from developers Hyper Games. Based on the iconic and beloved characters of Tove Jansson, you play as Snufkin who is returning to Moomin Valley after a long winter away. Use music to restore harmony and balance to the valley in this peaceful but vibrant story on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Blade Prince Academy

Image Credit: Angel Corp.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, developers Angel Corp are launching their real-time tactics RPG. Boasting anime-inspired art, you must protect your city while balancing life at The Academy. Utilize pause combat to strategize, create combos, and uncover intel about the city and its threats on PC.

Astro Duel 2

Image Credit: Rusty Moyher.

Inspired by classic arcade games, developer Rusty Moyher is launching a sequel to the popular sci-fi combat game Astro Duel. Play versus or co-op as you switch between space and ground combat in this blend of top-down shooter and platformer. Choose your fighter on PC and Nintendo Switch.

March 8 – New Indie Games Releasing


Image Credit: Friedemann.

This cozy house-building simulator from developer Friedemann is an excellent way to escape and unwind. There are no rules, restrictions, or objectives, just building tiny houses in different locales and environments. Unlock different design elements as you go and create your dream streets on PC.