New BioShock game could be Open World according to job listings
New BioShock game could be Open World according to job listings

The new BioShock game being developed by Cloud Chamber may make major changes to the series, from a fairly linear structure to an open world. A list of jobs found in Cloud Chamber by PCGamesN specifically mentioned the “open world”.

A job ad for a senior writer says, “We’re hoping to find someone who can weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open world setting.” “The successful candidate will work on dialogue and other narrative elements of the new BioShock, while this person will also help come up with ideas for “primary and secondary mission content with design.”

CloudChamber lists 17 job openings on its career page, spanning multiple positions and involving multiple disciplines, but senior writer job postings are the only postings that mention “open world.” CloudChamber may be working on projects other than the new game “Bioshock”, but the senior writer job posting may mention the open world structure specifically stating that the role is “Bioshock”.

It should be mentioned that game development is a highly iterative process, and just because an “open world” is mentioned in a job posting, this does not necessarily mean that the new version of the “BioShock” game will be the title of the open game. world. Similarly, defining the term “open world” is not that easy, because it means different things to different developers in different contexts.

Prior to this, the Cloud Chamber job listing indicated that the new BioShock will have a “new world”, which shows that from the outside, Cloud Chamber seems to be the earliest stage of the next development of the game “BioShock”, but it is interesting, they saw what the team of two BioShock veterans created and the new Employees Series creator Ken Levine is not participating in the new game “BioShock.” Instead, he has been working on a narrative-focused experimental project at Ghost Story Games, which is the successor to the larger Irrational Games.