Naruto is deepening the thriller of Eida and her powers, within the newest chapter of the Boruto manga. As Eida and her little brother Daemon have come to dwell at Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto and co. (notably Shikamaru) are scrambling to determine the way to cope with their next-level powers. In the meantime, Boruto has been preventing an inside battle with Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who’s obsessive about sussing out the true source of one among Eida’s most harmful skills: her attraction energy.

Properly, the cliffhanger ending to Boruto Chapter 76 sees Momoshiki seemingly uncover the true source of Eida’s attraction energy – although he is not revealing it to Boruto!

The previous couple of chapters of Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations have seen numerous totally different items being organized or re-arranged on the board. A type of items is Boruto and Momoshiki’s relationship (two souls sharing one physique): whereas Eida is being interrogated by Hidden Leaf’s leaders, Boruto experiences the phenomenon of getting his ideas “crossover” with Momokshiki’s ideas, in a manner that makes them completely clear to at least one one other. So it is purely accidentally that Boruto catches Momoshiki in the meanwhile when he is tracked the source of Eida’s attraction energy – which isn’t in any respect Otsutsuki in origin. When Momoshiki catches Boruto “eavesdropping” on him, he instantly stonewalls the younger shinobi from getting the reply to Eida’s energy.

As acknowledged, the previous few chapters of Boruto have thrown an enormous quantity of game-changing mythos at us – on high of all of the expansive reveals of the previous few years of the collection. We have realized of the “god” of the Otsutsuki, Shibai Otsutsuki, in addition to “Shinjutsu,” the god-level jutsu strategies that Amado stole to make Eida, Daemon, Code and others warrirors of unequaled energy. Nonetheless, it was made clear that whereas powers like Eida’s Clairvoyance come from Shinjutsu, her attraction energy definitely doesn’t.

What Is Eida’s Secret Energy Source?

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Boruto theorized that Eida’s Allure Energy should be some form of Scientific Ninja Software, however the truth that Momoshiki appears to acknowledge it makes it really feel like there’s one thing extra to this.


As soon as once more: Boruto’s previous couple of arcs have been doing numerous enlargement on the Naruto mythos. Who the Otsutsuki are, where they arrive from, what their objective is, and the way their superior know-how features has all been develed into a lot deeper than the Naruto: Shippuden collection ever did. That is all to say it has been made clear that there are different sources of energy on the market within the Naruto Unvierse; coudl Eida’s be the doorway to a complete new lane of abitiies (and threats)?

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