The Boys are coming to Name of Responsibility: Warzone—though it isn’t truly The Boys, if you wish to get technical about it (and I do). It is Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight, three members of the infamous supe group The Seven, who be part of the game as we speak as new operators.

It is a unusual and albeit tone-deaf crossover in my eyes. The entire level of The Boys, apart from Starlight, is that these purported superheroes are in actuality in regards to the worst individuals you might probably think about. Homelander, the chief of The Seven, is a mass assassin, rapist, and all-around deranged lunatic, and if the remainder of the workforce does not fairly match him when it comes to violent criminality, it is solely as a result of they lack his uncooked energy.

(Picture credit score: Activision)

In the meantime, there are the precise Boys right there: Not precisely a clean-living bunch themselves, however a minimum of totally devoted to battling The Seven’s all-encompassing corruption. Personally, I might a lot quite equipment up as Butcher or Frenchie, who a minimum of appear to be they’re imagined to be working round waving weapons at individuals and blowing issues up. Plus, you realize, they’re the precise good guys—they usually’re The Boys!

I suppose we ought to be grateful that a minimum of this crossover doesn’t embrace Stormfront. Anyway, meet the workforce:

(Picture credit score: Activision)

Homelander Operator contains:

  • Three Tracer Weapon Blueprints:
  • Bravado” Assault Rifle
  • Professional-Tuned “Vought Problem” Assault Rifle
  • Professional-Tuned “Superiority Advanced” SMG
  • “Laser Everybody” Ending Move
  • Weapon Decal, Emblem, Loading Display, and Weapon Allure

(Picture credit score: Activision)

Black Noir Operator contains:

  • Two Tracer Weapon Blueprints:
  • “Unstated Phrase” Sniper Rifle
  • “Quiet Rage” Assault Rifle
  • “Noir’s Blades” Melee Weapon
  • “Shhh” Ending Move
  • Weapon Allure, Loading Display, Weapon Sticker, and Emblem

(Picture credit score: Activision)

Starlight Operator contains:

  • Three Tracer Weapon Blueprints:
  • “Des Moines Defender” Assault Rifle
  • Professional-Tuned “World Saver” SMG
  • “Blinding Gentle” Sidearm
  • “Crucial Evil” Ending Move
  • Weapon Allure, Loading Display, Weapon Sticker, and Emblem

Now, you is perhaps questioning how an extraordinary individual is meant to compete in a supe-laden world. However worry not, as a result of Warzone additionally has a brand new subject improve in the course of the occasion referred to as Temp V. Simply as within the TV collection, Temp V grants gamers who discover and devour it one in all 4 random superpowers:

  • Cost Bounce – This capacity propels the Participant throughout the map with out struggling any fall injury and dealing splash injury in a radius after they land.
  • Electrical Shockwave – This shockwave sends a strong electrical explosion that injures Operators and AI Combatants, in addition to destroys Automobiles and Tools.
  • Laser Imaginative and prescient – This capacity levitates the Participant and fires an aimed laser beam that sears by way of enemy targets.
  • Teleport – This capacity warps the Participant straight up into the air.

Not like most subject upgrades, powers granted by Temp V may be activated repeatedly after first use—however if you happen to’re taken out earlier than you activate it, you drop it.

Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight might be obtainable as operators in Name of Responsibility: Warzone and Trendy Warfare 2 multiplayer, whereas the Temp V subject improve is barely in Warzone and in DMZ (however they’re rarer in that mode). It is all reside as we speak as a part of Season 4 Reloaded—the total patch notes can be found at