Name of Obligation’s Cargo map is an absurd, churning meat grinder that is been a staple of Name of Obligation for the reason that early days. It is a polarising factor, too: PCG’s Morgan Park has referred to as it “The worst map in all of videogames,” lamenting that “Spawnkills are fixed, survival feels random, and an absence of canopy offers dominant killstreaks free rein to homicide each residing factor on the map”. Feels like fun to me.

I’ve acquired some heartwrenching information for Morgan: Cargo, the bane of his Fashionable Warfare 2 classes, is simply there as a result of the devs forgot to take it out earlier than they launched the primary Fashionable Warfare in 2007.

In a chat with Dexerto, COD’s multiplayer design director Geoff Smith revealed that the inclusion of Cargo within the unique Fashionable Warfare was “really an accident”. It was initially cooked up as a purely split-screen map, designed to host two gamers utilizing the identical cramped, fuzzy CRT display. Being tiny, simply navigable, and made largely from delivery containers, it was well-suited to the mode.

However it will definitely shuffled over to the broader multiplayer playlist when different devs began utilizing it as a testing house. After which, oops, no person thought to take it out earlier than placing the game on retailer cabinets.

“Our MP lead on the time, once we went reside, forgot to [pull] it out and there was no going again”. And so, Fashionable Warfare got here with a bonus map, and 16 wonderful years of chaos ensued, to the delight and dismay of numerous gamers. All as a result of somebody did not have a detailed take a look at these ultimate playlists.