Prolific modder turned software program developer DaríoSamo has revealed a mission to translate their earlier ray tracing work on Super Mario 64 right into a generalized plugin for N64 emulators, enabling ray traced lighting and different graphical options throughout a number of video games with out having to tinker with them individually.

We’ve coated Darío’s ray tracing modification for Super Mario 64 beforehand—this add-on was created for the fan-made PC port of that game, and will work on a variety of {hardware}. Even the six year-old GTX 1080, a card that was by no means made for the specialised, intensive work of ray tracing, was able to working Darío’s mod at 720p 30 FPS.

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According to Darío, additional tinkering and optimization work on that mission is what led them to understand they may create a “generic emulation solution” to carry such graphical enhancements to a number of video games with out having to configure each individually. In addition to ray tracing, the instruments may additionally open the door to different enhancements like 60 FPS patches for video games with exhausting framerate limits, in addition to a graphics debugger Darío believes may show helpful to romhackers.

The plugin continues to be months away from full launch, and Darío cautions that it will not work with all N64 video games. One challenge is that if a game does not have gentle sources to offer an origin level for ray traced lighting, a developer has to manually place them all through the game as Darío did for Super Mario 64. The developer plans on together with a whitelist with the plugin, and Darío’s video demonstration of it in motion featured Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario, Kirby 64, Mystical Ninja Goemon, Snowboard Kids, and Rocket: Robot on Wheels.

Darío continues to reveal a powerful technical mastery and show an asset to the N64 emulation neighborhood, and I’ve to say I respect how ray tracing provides to those video games’ look. I’m normally a tough cross on “HD Texture Pack” shenanigans as they too usually override a game’s authentic aesthetic with questionable outcomes, however ray tracing actually provides to the unique presentation as an alternative of changing it. Ocarina of Time particularly has a sure depth to its visuals with the mod enabled. You can comply with Darío’s progress on the emulator plugin from the developer’s Twitter and Tumblr.