My Hero Academia is coming all the way down to the ultimate stretches of its story, and evidently archvillain All For One’s closing plan for world domination is in view – each actually and figuratively! The most recent chapter of the My Hero Academia manga sees All For One and his prime League of Villains lieutenants proceed to show the tide of the Remaining Struggle. Because of All For One’s scheming, Kurogiri bought free and opened a Warp Gate to gather his League of Villains buddies collectively for an final counterattack to the heroes’ divide-and-conquer technique.

Himiko Toga put her grasp plan into motion, copying the shape and skills of her BFF Twice and elevating a military of clones to overrun the heroes. Add to that Dabi unleashing his most fearsome flames ever, and instantly the hereos are studying why All Would possibly had them divide these villains up within the first place!



In My Hero Academia Chapter 376, the heroes are desperately making an attempt to regroup, and All For One is taking a second to brag about his new fortune. Whereas the evil overlord is proud of how numerous elements of the battle are lining up in his favor, he is additionally nonetheless very a lot targeted on his purpose: reaching Tomura Shigaraki’s location. All For One makes use of a flight energy to rocket towards Shigaraki’s location – solely to get stopped in his tracks by Hawks!

Hawks completely calls out All For On over his true grasp plan: defending Shigaraki whereas his physique’s full energy continues to be incomplete. Hawks discerns as a lot from how shortly All For One appears to wish to get from his location to where Shigaraki is – although Shigaraki is meant to be the omnipotent final villain. All For One does not let Hawks know the way right he’s, although he admits it to himself by means of monologue:

“Within the truest sense, that physique [Shigaraki] isn’t but full. There is a purpose why this model of me continues to be important.”

Throughout My Hero Academia’s All-Out Struggle arc, it was made clear that All For One is groooming Shigaraki to be a substitute vessel. Shigaraki’s intense hatred was a willpower that will endure and survive Dr. Garaki’s hellish power-boosting course of, till Shigaraki grew to become the last word evil energy for All For One to inhabit, by means of the AFO they share between them. The heroes have repeatedly thwarted this grasp plan, but when All For One can attain Shigaraki and full the method and/or merge with him, it might be game over for Deku and the heroes…


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