My Hero Academia’s sixth season may be a couple of months from making landfall, however the heroes of Class 1-A have not too long ago returned to the world of anime through two new unique video animation specials which have hit Japanese theaters. With the 2 specials set to air at this 12 months’s Anime Expo for followers in North America, the Shonen franchise has partnered with Japanese baseball in giving a few of the greatest heroes spawned from Kohei Horikoshi’s mind and created some wild new photographs in consequence.

The Shonen franchise launched new photographs for this baseball collaboration, which is able to see the younger heroes created by Kohei Horikoshi teaming up with the Yomiuri Giants of the Central League and the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks of the Pacific League:

(Photo: Studio Bones)
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The official description of this new unique video animation for My Hero Academia, which is able to premiere for followers in North America at this 12 months’s Anime Expo, reads as such:

“HLB stands for “Hero League of Baseball” – it is a baseball league founded by pro-heroes who love baseball!

It’s game day! The last game of HLB championship is between Gang Orca and Shishido’s two rival agencies. They form a team (“Orcas” and “Lionels”) to compete. In the world of HLB, there is no rule – using their Quirks is of course accepted. However, just when the game is about to finish, they are interrupted by a villain. Who will be the winner of HLB!?”

On prime of this OVA, one other was launched on the similar time which focuses on Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki throughout their time as part of Endeavor’s Hero Agency, trying to sharpen their abilities and be taught all that they will from the primary hero:

“Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki participate in an internship under the No.1 hero, Endeavor’s agency. One of their tasks these days is to find a villain (“Smiley”) who draws doodles in the city. However, since the urgency is so low, they let other pro-heroes solve this case.

One day, Smiley draws a doodle on Endeavor’s house! Being furious, Endeavor himself and the 1-A trio go out to get the villain. However, Smiley’s Quirk turns out to be something ridiculous but powerful… It is to make anyone who looks into his eyes laugh hysterically! Can the team capture the villain and stop laughing!?”


As it stands, a North American launch for these OVAs has but to be revealed.

Via Comic Natalie