Music’s on the coronary heart of Last Fantasy 14—the game brims with bangers, certain, but it surely’s additionally an irreplaceable a part of the game’s story. 

I’ve teared as much as the hopeful swells of Dynamis whereas taking part in Endwalker, been pumped up by the guitar riffs of Shadowbringers throughout its roaring climax. Numerous leitmotifs course via the game’s soundscape like blood runs via a physique’s veins. Do not simply take my phrase for it, although. Here is over 200 musicians—organised by youtuber Husky by the Geek—taking part in the game’s biggest hits for 10 strong minutes.

This medley is a journey via every enlargement, kicking off with the ripping Primal themes from A Realm Reborn earlier than swooping into Heavensward, its mighty chanting changed with electrical guitar. “Brute Justice”—a love letter to Tremendous Sentai opening themes—is blasted triumphantly by a man someway taking part in a trumpet via a full-body morph swimsuit. 

The vocals kick in close to the top for a victory lap of Endwalker tunes—With Hearts Aligned, Footfalls, and Scream. It is a crash-course in Last Fantasy 14’s musical historical past and a love letter multi function.

The medley additionally has an ideal little reimagining of lead composer Masayoshi Soken’s notorious La Hee efficiency throughout 2021’s fanfest. In case you missed that, Soken took to the stage to ship an unbelievable minutes-long nightmare cowl of the Rak’tika Greatwood’s theme “Civilizations” (nicknamed “La Hee” after its repeated opening vocals). It is rendered in superb orchestral trend right here, although the otamatones are nonetheless there. They’re even in-tune, this time.

Husky, who has a ton of musical content material on his youtube channel devoted to his favorite video games, wrote on Twitter: “After I began music, I all the time dreamed of taking part in in such group collabs. Now I am the one who organises [them] … I beloved arranging this track & assigned elements suited to everybody.”

He additionally posted a full roster of over 200 group members that contributed—this contains musician Alex Moukala (who organised an analogous choir of a staggering 1,000 group members final 12 months), Twitch streamer Shenpai, drumming streamer The 8 Bit Drummer, group translation source and CEO of Atai Japan Aitaikimochi—the record goes on. 

The video speaks to each a love of the game and an indication of the fanbase’s uncooked pleasure for Dawntrail, one which totally struck my nostalgia for this game with a fully-charged Restrict Break. Here is to 10 extra years of bangers.