On the PlayStation showcase on Wednesday we received one other have a look at the subsequent Murderer’s Creed game, together with an enormous bonus: a launch date. Murderer’s Creed Mirage will launch on October 12.

The Murderer’s Creed Mirage gameplay trailer above exhibits off loads of familiar-looking motion set items, just like the traditional dive from a roof onto a delicate touchdown spot, discovering vantage factors perched excessive above the town, a winged animal companion, and a complete lot of neck-stabbing.

However there’s some enjoyable new stuff to gawk at, too. Our protagonist Basim Ibn Ishaq does not have the acquainted wrist-blade however as an alternative a finger-blade. It’s kind of bizarre, however it seems like his ring finger has been substitute with a knife. Fairly hardcore!

He additionally has just a few methods I have never seen in an Murderer’s Creed game earlier than (granted, I have never performed the final two), like throwing a smoke bomb at his toes to fade from a pack of enemies, ninja-style, and a pole-vaulting capacity to boost his already fearsome parkour abilities. The setting of ninth century Baghdad, where Mirage takes place, seems simply as highly-detailed as you’d count on from the sequence, too.