MultiVersus leaker claims Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, and Ted Lasso are coming to the game

Image through Adult Swim

MultiVersus pits Warner Brothers characters from all kinds of films and TV exhibits in opposition to one another in a platform fighter. Just like worlds collide to convey us the game’s roster, the forces of Reddit, ResetEra, and Discord have introduced us plenty of leaks and datamines across the game. The newest one name-drops seven extra characters.

Reddit person hugeleakeractually, true to their identify, beforehand leaked a protracted listing of characters reportedly coming to the game. Their newest Reddit thread reminds readers of that, whereas additionally claiming seven different characters are coming. Technically it’s 12, as some are multiple character mixed right into a single fighter. The listing consists of Samurai Jack, the Powerpuff Girls (as a single fighter) the Animaniacs (additionally as a single fighter), Duck Dodgers/Daffy Duck, Scorpion, Ben 10, and Ted Lasso — regardless of the Apple TV+ distribution, the lovable soccer coach is definitely a Warner Bros. property. While his inclusion may appear to be a stretch, the opposite names on the listing make sense. Daffy and his spacefaring persona Duck Dodgers can be an ideal foil to Bugs Bunny, who’s already within the game. Samurai Jack, Ben 10, and Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls would complement different Cartoon Network stars on the roster.

As acknowledged, that is certainly one of many leaks surrounding MultiVersus. Nearly two full hours of voice traces are on the market, with references to plenty of presently unconfirmed characters. The Iron Giant is amongst them, and it’s now a playable a part of the game. The Joker, The Hound, and The Wicked Witch of the West are additionally referenced — three extra names that hugeleakeractually earlier claimed can be added. A Rick Sanchez file was discovered within the game’s code, and a earlier datamine even made the daring prediction that Wreck-It Ralph and Naruto may very well be coming to the game.

That’s a whole lot of unconfirmed data, which suggests you do have to take all this with a hefty grain of salt. MultiVersus doesn’t have a set launch date but, so it could be some time earlier than any of these things is formally introduced. We did get an opportunity to play the game’s alpha lately, and we discovered it to be quick and looney in all the suitable methods.