Morrowind is without doubt one of the most-modded roleplaying video games of all time, and numerous these mods give attention to massive sweeping adjustments like overhauling UI and including new places, or rebuilding the entire dang factor, or delightful-yet-absurd technical upgrades like including footprints. 

Others, in the meantime, make smaller tweaks. That is the case with the Feminist Nerevarine mod from AliceL93. The title is a bit of overblown—it would not rewrite Morrowind as a feminist parable—however by altering a number of quest choices, it highlights the variety of occasions Morrowind did not give us the choice to take a girl’s aspect in a dispute, and even simply be well mannered.

“In some Morrowind quests where there was a battle between a person and a girl, you did not have the chance to aspect with the lady,” writes AliceL93. “In different quests, a girl required one thing from you, and when you needed to refuse it, the game compelled you to take action in a impolite method. And there have been additionally quests where a person overstepped the boundaries of a girl, and you did not have the chance to refuse serving to him.”

For instance, one quest has you steal a naughty grownup e book from a woman so {that a} a person named Aengoth can use it as blackmail leverage in opposition to her household. The mod provides the choice to preserve the e book, refusing handy it over, underneath the argument that you just will not let him blackmail the lady together with her personal life.

“The characters in these quests do not essentially must agree with you, when you take these decisions,” AliceL93 writes. “For instance, when you refuse handy over the e book, Aengoth will scold you that you just will not be fashionable within the Thieves’ Guild with that perspective, and even hints at hiring somebody to steal the e book from you. I assumed that it is essential to preserve these characters true to Bethesda’s imaginative and prescient of them. So with this mod, you’ll be able to roleplay a ‘feminist’ and you’re supplied with new decisions, however the world of the game would not essentially must agree with you.”

Which is good, as, for instance, I believe lots of people would need to inform off that one creep who desires you to make use of a love potion on somebody with out their consent. That man’s sort of a nasty particular person.

This is the total record of adjustments:

  • The Magnificence and the Bandit: You possibly can refuse serving to Maurrie with out telling her outright that you just assume that she is an fool for falling in love with the bandit who robbed her. As a substitute, you’ll be able to warn her to return to her senses, in any case, the person is a harmful outlaw who already harmed her as soon as.
  • Bloodmoon: A Girl Scorned: You possibly can refuse serving to Kjolver with out judging her. As a substitute, you’ll be able to attempt to persuade her that despite the fact that she loves her husband, he clearly would not love her again, that is why he’s dishonest on her and that she ought to neglect about him as a result of she deserves somebody higher.
  • Thieves’ Guild: Naughty Gandosa: You continue to must steal the e book, however upon studying about its contents you’ll be able to refuse handy it over to Aengoth with the argument that it would not be right to blackmail a girl together with her personal life.
  • Widowmaker: You possibly can kill the bare Nord barbarian and obtain a reward from the witch for doing so. Surprisingly, this feature was not current in vanilla, whereas it was current within the different “witch vs. bare Nord barbarian” quest, and there you possibly can select whom you aspect with.
  • For the Love of a Bosmer: You possibly can name out Gadayn for his plan to make use of a love potion on the lady who would not love him again. In vanilla, you possibly can solely comply with ship the potion to her or to suggest Gadayn to pursue one other girl as an alternative. So when you assume that an individual who would resort to such strategies would not deserve both, you’ll be able to refuse his errand, and even name him out for it.
  • Kidnapped by Cultists: A bonus characteristic. You possibly can scold Sason for being unable to guard his spouse. Clearly, these have been some harmful cultists, and all of that, however I assumed that such a characteristic would not warrant its personal mod, so I squeezed it into this one, even when it would not actually match thematically 100% with the remainder of the brand new decisions.

This form of factor is definitely a working theme with AliceL93’s mods, which span the political spectrum: They’ve additionally uploaded Anarchist, Communist, Libertarian, Imperialist, and Nationalist roleplaying mods. The latter two stop the primary quest from “bullying” the participant away from being “a loyal servant of the Empire” or a “Dunmer nationalist.”