A Mordhau mod is making an attempt to show the multiplayer medieval slasher game right into a bona fide survival RPG with persistent progress and a seamless world.

Mordhau Survival RPG is a big game mode and map mod during which you could have persistent progress between logins. You will begin no higher than a peasant, however you’ll be able to work your means up on the planet by both turning into an unbeatable duelist, an opportunistic raider, a grasp craftsman, a scheming dealer, and even only a easy hunter within the woods. Your goal within the game mode is open-ended and there are a variety of gameplay techniques you could have at your disposal that ought to assist assist you in your objectives; an in-depth crafting system, an honourable & dishonourable PvP system, bandit looking PvE contracts, dynamic wildlife spawning, and an expansive armor & gear system with particular bonuses.

Mordhau Mod Survival RPG Features

  • Persistence (stock, health, location, bonuses, housing)
  • Large seamless game world with many vanilla & customized areas built-in collectively
  • Custom extremely built-in stock system
  • Resource gathering & crafting financial system
  • Friendly NPCs in cities with dialogue and buying and selling
  • PvP actions; Dueling areas, Open World PvP (with and with out loot drop)
  • PvE actions; Bandit camps, Hunting, Item Crafting

You can already take a look at this Mordhau mod by merely opening the game, looking for the server identify through the in-game browser, and becoming a member of to start the download.

There are at present three out there servers:

  • NA – Survival RPG Mod Open Testing Server
  • EU – Survival RPG Mod Open Testing Server
  • OCE – Survival RPG Mod Open Testing Server

Mordhau launched on PC three years and a half in the past. The game was additionally lately introduced to be coming quickly to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X consoles.

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