Rakna-Kadaki is one of kind. Her combat experience is unmatched and will allow players to use very detailed strategic plans to take her down. If you don’t have a proper plan of action to fight this lady, you will be confused, surprised, or even fail.

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, we have put together a detailed plan on how to defeat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise. We analyzed all her movements and subtle attacks to help you win the Rakna-Kadaki boss battle and defeat her.

Prepare to Defeat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise

Rakna-Kadaki is a queen spider that roams the sandy plains and lava caves. She is a monster of the fire element, covered in a silk cloak, which can provide her with a protective cloak and help her fight. Rakana-Kadaki has glow sacks on her abdomen that contain Rachnoids ,her babies, and she uses them a lot in battle. She is weak to the elements of ice and water.

Rakna-Kadaki attacks and Rachnoid attacks:

  • 360-degree fire breath covering a mid-range area around her body.
  • Shoot 5 strands of silk to cover a great distance in front of her.
  • Hammering her abdomen onto the player knocking to the ground.
  • Project a single Rachnoid through a thread and then zoom in on Rachnoid
  • Send 3 Rachnoids from which she does the first mentioned attack with one and the rest two blow out a fire.
  • Shooting bunch of Rachnoids that Blow fire at you.

How to kill Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise

When the player dodges, Rakna-Kadaki’s fire breath will explode around him first. After the explosion, the fire will spill around you in a circular motion. This time, if it is hanging from the ceiling, it is better to stand directly under it; if it is on the ground, it is better to stand around it. This will help you to attack her multiple times and kill Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise.

For silk thread attacks, you will see a telegraph warning. Rakna-Kadaki will temporarily aim the beam at your neighborhood. At this time, stay away from her as much as possible and avoid her attacks. If you get caught in the silk, you will lose mobility for a few seconds.

Rakna-Kadaki’s Rachnoids in “Monster Hunter Rise” has its own health status. Therefore, even if they are attached to her, they will not cause any harm to Rakna, they will only harm her baby. You must treat their two health bars separately. When the Rachnoids are on the ground, you can also kill them individually. To make Rakna-Kadaki miss Rachnoid’s attack, aim his leg.

Once her legs are sufficiently attacked, she will start losing her silk vein. This will cause her to lose control over the Rachnoids. Most importantly, her abdomen is now more vulnerable than before. This damage can help you kill Rakna Kadaki faster.

But Rakna Kadaki is an improviser and you won’t be able to beat him easily. Once the baby leaves her, she will use the abdomen as a hammer and try to throw the hunter to the ground. Remember also that time is the key. Once at this stage, you will attempt to plant another layer of silk and Rachnoids. If enough time has passed at this stage to knock her down, her silk and Rachnoids need to be fought again from the beginning.

In short, the way to defeat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise is speed. You must first remove the webbing off her body, so that she loses the arachnoid attack and becomes more vulnerable. This is when you attack and kill her most quickly in no time.