Diablos Walkthrough
Diablos Walkthrough

Welcome to yet another MHR boss fight guide. In this one, we tackle the topic of beating Diablos. This dude here is one of the toughest monsters in MHR. It may take some patience and a proper strategy and the strategy part is on us! In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise easily.

Prepare to Kill Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise

Diablo is a large monster that can be found in the Sandy Plains area. The flying dragon is the target of 4 different quests. This is a difficult monster to fight due to its aggressive fighting style and its attacks cover almost all areas of the combat area. It has the ability to stun the player and trap you in a stun loop. Not only that, it can also eliminate you step by step.

Before fighting, focus all potions and foods on defense. Stock up at least 8-10 mega potions and keep some energy drinks to make this battle easier. Choose a weapon that is more mobile than other weapons and always maintain stamina. It hate sound, you can get some sonic bombs.

Looking up, this will be a long battle, requiring the patience of the hunter. Shear weapons are ideal for this battle, and the second option is blunt weapons. It has a very weak resistance to ice, dragons and water. Keep the maximum distance from the horns and focus all your strategy on defense.

Diablos has three primary attacks:

  • Tail Swipe- Swipes the tail from left to right or vice versa
  • Charge attack- Charges speedily at the hunter with double horns on his head
  • Burrowing the ground- Digging in the ground, and popping up elsewhere where he attacks the player

How Beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise

For charge attacks, do some planning. Diablo will charge you directly, so choose a rocky area behind. When he charges, he dodges so he is instantly trapped in the rock. Take the opportunity to aim at its horn, it is best to break it.

When the tail slides, the player may not have enough time to move backwards because the tail is too long. What it can do is move forward where the tail meets the body. Due to the great distance between the tail and the ground, you will be safe there.

Please note that its tail can be cut off. If you can do this in battle, you can completely prevent his movement. As of the burrow attack, this is your time to shine. When you get off the ground, you will see a small window where he will slow down. At this moment, do your best to inflict the greatest damage at his side.

Through the horn attack, you will notice that Diablos stays still for a second and takes a step back. The monster pose will tell you that it is ready to charge. When he starts digging the ground, it is easy to notice the burrow attack. Cracks are starting to form in the ground because it’s about to rush towards you from below, so you should avoid it to the side at this point.

You must stay away from him and be patient. It is worth a try, because he put in some very rare materials, these materials can bring good news to your hunter.