Monster Hunter Rise: Chameleos
Chameleos Walkthrough

Chameleon is the new elder dragon in the rise of Monster Hunter. This new debut is part of the Monster Hunter Rise version 2.0 update. Chameleos released on April 28 and is one of six new monsters added to the game. Although Chameleos was introduced in the game’s initial release, it never actually appeared in the actual game.

Now that he has finally entered the ranks of MH Rise, many players have been wondering how to beat him. Well, we support this. The chameleon fight is not that difficult, you just need to keep your eyes open, just like the elder dragon is disappearing. Scroll down the path to find out how to defeat Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise.

Chameleons takes most damage to the head. Therefore, when fighting a chameleon, be sure to focus your attack on its lobe. The dragon is vulnerable to the elements of fire, explosion, and lightning. Water and ice are hardly affective. If you want to take full advantage of elemental attacks, it is better to use faster weapons in the game because they will allow you to be connect better. Blunt force damage can be used on the chameleon’s head and forelimbs. If you are using long-range shot damage, the best option is to attack the head and tail.

Take a flash bomb with you, as it can force the chameleon to shed its invisibility cloak. You can use Elemental Blight. This will cast a dim light onto the chameleon’s body. You can also use the target camera to track the chameleon. Using the target camera will always point the camera at the chameleon. You can do this by placing the target camera on Chameleos. Once the Elder Dragon is invisible, it will focus on the map. Wait for it to reappear. Once its icon reappears, lock the target camera. This will ensure that the camera view is always centered on the Chameleos.

Breaking the horn is also a good way to prevent Chameleos from disappearing in Monster Hunter Rise from time to time. If you find yourself in the poison ring, you can use Wiredash to avoid it. Chameleos itself doesn’t have any elemental attacks, which is a relief. This means that you don’t have to consider any special strength to make armor.

However, the chameleon has some pretty silly poisonous attacks. These poisons will quickly deplete your HP. It may be wise to equip yourself with some herbs to resist the effects of poisons. It is also very convenient to have anti-poison abilities. The chameleon itself has a status effect vulnerability of 1 star, which can be used to stun, ice Blight, water Blight, and thunder Blight. It also has a 2-star status hit vulnerability for Blast and Fire Blight. Poisons, paralysis, sleep and fatigue have no effect on the chameleon because it is not easily affected to such Status Effects.

Chameleon also has no vulnerabilities for Pitfall traps, electric shock traps, and Dung Bomb. Meat Effects and Sonic Bomb brought the Chameleos situational vulnerability. The Flash bomb is his only only major vulnerability. Wear the Kaiser Teostra armor when fighting Chameleos. This armor set has special abilities blessed by Teostra. At level 3, this armor can prevent poison and poison, and at level 4 it can also prevent theft. This makes it an essential equipment for fighting chameleons.

Where to find the Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise

Chameleons is lurking in two locations on the MHR map. It can be seen in the Shrine Ruins or in Flooded Forest. This explains his resistance to water elemental attacks in the game. One thing to note is that the chameleon monster will only unlock once you reach high rank 20 in the game. After reaching high level 20, you will get an emergency mission called “Ancient Illusion”, which will allow you to enter the ancient dragon chameleon in the rise of Monster Hunter.

Chameleos attack types and patterns

  • Stealth Attack: This is the most basic attack the chameleon will perform in Monster Hunter Rise. To carry out this attack, the chameleon uses its stealth ability to turn itself invisible. Once it turns invisible, it will keep attacking your character. Keep moving to stay away from these attacks. However, the distance between these attacks is very small, so you don’t need to worry. To break Chameleos’ invisibility, all you need to do is use Flash Bomb. If Chameleos’ head falls, he will no longer be invisible.
  • Tongue Lash: The tongue lashes are a long-range attack version of the chameleon himself. It will open its flap in your direction and you can use Wirebug to get out. If the chameleon’s attack hits you, the chameleon can also sap Spiribird Pollens . Watch out for these attacks and be sure to stay away from yourself.
  • Bite Attack: This is a close-range attack variant of “Tongue Lash”. Basically, it also has the same effect as tongue Lash. Needless to say, this attack occurs when you approach Chameleos’ head. In this case, it makes sense to attack the forelegs until the chameleon is unconscious and then hit it on the head.
  • Body Slam: This can be one of the most destructive attacks made by the chameleon. If it can really make contact with you, be prepared to endure the pain, because it can quickly remove a large chunk of HP. Another thing that makes the attack annoying is that the chameleon can execute it when it is not visible. So you may never see it coming and you need to react quickly to avoid it. So, whenever the chameleon turns invisible in Monster Hunter Rise, pay attention. Using Flash Bombs can be advantageous to you.
  • Tail fan: The tail fan attack is carried out by the chameleon by striking its tail against the ground. Once done, a pile of rocks will rise into the air. In any case, these are not small bullets. The huge stone will be thrown in a fan shape. Therefore, when you see the Chameleos raising their tails, be sure to push it away. This attack is divided into three stages. Chameleos executes this attack three steps in rapid succession.
  • Poison Beam: The Poison Beam attack will emit a burst of poison. This is a high pressure stream of poison, which can be fatal if connected to you. Once it does, it will deal poison damage to you. The poison will slowly affect your health over a period of time. Your health potion will come in handy here. This attack has a windup action, so you can avoid it.
  • Poison Fountain: The chameleon spews a fountain of poison around it. Before this attack, the chameleon will look up into the sky and spit out poison and fountain-shaped poison balls. After that, the chameleon will also produce poisonous clouds around it.
  • Poison Ring – In this attack, the chameleon will start to fly. Once it does this, it will start shooting the poison ball in a circular fashion. If the Chameleos float in the center of the ring, the ring will expand. If you remove it, the ring will collapse. Use long-range weapons to move the chameleon.
  • Poison Ring Void: This is a variant of the Poison Ring Attack. However, the only change in this form is that once the chameleon is out of the way, Venom’s Ring will collapse into the void, trapping your character and dealing Venom damage.