You’ll must pardon the editorial tackle the hoopla surrounding Return to Monkey Island, the lengthy awaited sequel spearhead by journey gaming legend Ron Gilbert, however I’ve an emotionally vested curiosity on this game’s launch. Like many others who look again fondly on the heyday of point-n-click journey video games, I view the Monkey Island collection by means of sacred-color glasses. Same goes for therefore many different classics from the period, primarily from Lucasfilm/LucasArts and Sierra (Space Quest, Maniac Mansion, Quest for Glory, Loom, and so forth). But with Return to Monkey Island, I’m each shocked and (cynically) not shocked {that a} controversy has arisen.
For anybody who has not been following, Gilbert created the primary two titles within the collection, The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. After he left for various pastures, the collection continued with a number of extra installments, and finally the IP transferred to Disney when it purchased LucasFilm for $4 billion.
As time went on it appeared more and more much less possible that Gilbert would ever be concerned in a Monkey Island game once more. Then in a 2013 weblog put up he wrote, “The only way I would or could make another Monkey Island game is if I owned the IP.” And similar to that, it appear to be the door can be shut perpetually. Except, because it seems, it wasn’t.

Earlier this 12 months on April 1, Gilbert teased a brand new installment. Most wrote it off as an April Fools’ Day gag, however then a number of days later he confirmed it was not a joke, linking to a teaser trailer on YouTube.
“A little something we’ve been working on for the past 2 years in complete secrecy,” Gilbert wrote.
And similar to that, followers like myself had purpose to have a good time. At lengthy final, Gilbert can be delivering one other Monkey Island sequel, one which he spearheaded. I hadn’t been this excited since Thimbleweed Park, and others shared that very same sentiment. So how did issues flip poisonous?

The response to the trailer was a mixture of pleasure and criticism, a few of it particularly harsh, over the artwork fashion. This permeated social media and net boards, and Gilbert’s personal ‘Grumpy Gamer’ weblog (his on-line alias). Then this previous Tuesday, a gameplay reveal trailer dropped (proven above), kicking up a contemporary storm of criticism.
To be truthful (to the critics), not all of them are spewing with toxicity. Additionally, you might want to have thick pores and skin when posting something to the web. Not everybody goes to love what you put up or what you’ve got been engaged on, and that is truthful. Also, Gilbert said final month that he deliberately needed the artwork fashion in Return to Monkey Island to be “provocative, shocking, and not what everyone was expecting.” Mission achieved, however he wasn’t anticipating the form of backlash that may observe, not from diehard followers anyway.
“It’s ironic that the people who don’t want me to make the game I want to make are some of the hard core Monkey Island fans. And that is what makes me sad about all the comments. Return to Monkey Island is an incredible rollercoaster. Get on and have some fun or stomp out of the amusement park because it’s not exactly the rollercoaster you wanted,” Gilbert additionally said on the time.
This all got here to go yesterday when, within the feedback part of a current put up on his weblog, he basically took a vow of silence concerning the game. He additionally deleted the long-running weblog outright, prompting a group scolding on Twitter by Dominic Armato, the voice of Guybrush Threepwood.
“I’m shutting down comments. People are just being mean and I’m having to delete personal attack comments. It’s an amazing game and everyone on the team is very proud of it. Play it or don’t play it but don’t ruin it for everyone else. I won’t be posting anymore about the game. The joy of sharing has been driven from me,” Gilbert said on his now-deleted weblog.
Some of the feedback that hadn’t been deleted in a Wayback snapshot (archive) advised the “game is going to fail so hard” due to its “awful art style,” and that on one of many characters, “His nose looks like a c**k ffs, and the lifeless eyes.” Another individual said, “Impressive how many people will pay for eye cancer these days.”
The entire state of affairs makes me extremely unhappy, each for Gilbert and selfishly for myself. If the group can drive Gilbert to silence and drain his pleasure from a undertaking like this, what are the probabilities he makes one other game for old-fashioned journey gaming followers? Or that different builders contemplating one thing related undergo with it?
Indeed, the artwork fashion is decidedly completely different. But as somebody in one of many retro teams I’m part of on Facebook identified, it is a good factor the web was a lot of a factor when Day of the Tentacle got here out, as a result of the artwork course was a drastic departure from Maniac Mansion. Yet the sequel was a blast.
Here’s hoping Return to Monkey Island shall be a blast as effectively. Either manner, Gilbert deserves higher than among the suggestions he is been getting. That stated, numerous it has really been constructive. It’s simply unlucky that the toxicity acquired loud sufficient to drown all of it out.
Return to Monkey Island is on monitor to launch someday this 12 months.