Outdated Faculty RuneScape has launched a sequel to an 18 year-old quest, noticed by GamesRadar+, one which has instantly precipitated confusion as gamers rushed to bag the brand new loot it comes with… and usually, did not get it. Desert Treasure 2: The Fallen Empire is the MMO’s first Grandmaster quest since 2019 and is a sequel to, you guessed it, Desert Treasure (launched in 2005). It sees gamers returning to the Kharidian Desert to discover a giant previous vault and tackle the lich-like Mahjarrat.

That is sort of caused by circumstance, and the distinctive manner Jagex maintains RuneScape and OS RuneScape, with the latter basically its personal fork within the street. OS RuneScape was created utilizing an archive dated August 2007 and incorporates nothing added to RuneScape after this date, however as a substitute diverges from that time with its personal lore and additions. The Mahjarrat are additionally notable on this context: main characters in RuneScape for a few years, they’ve solely simply began cropping up in OS RuneScape.

Therefore the return to a quest that the majority gamers most likely have not considered in literal many years. “It is completely dripping with lore, solutions to unanswered questions, and ties to free ends”, mentioned Jagex within the announcement submit.

Desert Treasure 2 is the very best difficulty stage of OS RuneScape quest, Grandmaster, and has numerous necessities to fulfill earlier than even beginning. It options 4 bosses, every of which might drop a brand new merchandise referred to as a Vestige that can be utilized to craft one in all 4 new rings, every of which supply buffs superior to the prevailing Fremennik Rings. And it is these sought-after Vestiges which have gamers puzzled.

Defeating the bosses ought to give gamers an opportunity of a Vestige drop, however these have turned out to be uncommon sufficient that gamers are questioning whether or not they drop in any respect, or if the search is bugged one way or the other. Nope, mentioned Jagex: “We have seen hypothesis that the ring attachments aren’t dropping. Earlier than it snowballs right into a thriller larger than the Mahjarrat, we would like to substantiate one factor. They’ll drop. We checked.”

That appears as open-and-shut as you get, however then the developer added “they do not drop in the identical manner regular drops do” which does not precisely assist. This set tongues wagging amongst RuneScape gamers who got here up with numerous humorous and typically critical recommendations for tips on how to improve one’s possibilities, from sporting the ring of visibility, to killing the bosses inside a sure time restrict, to some type of luck mitigation that actively works towards brute forcing it. Most are simply in it for the laughs, in fact, however some fringe behaviours had been a bit like an MMO cargo cult.

So Jagex needed to make clear the clarification: “you needn’t do something particular or distinctive, what we imply by that is what is going on on ‘behind the scenes’ is totally different. No must carry out emotes IRL or put nan within the cage because the clock chimes midnight, simply kill bosses & have enjoyable!”

Now there is a thought, a sea of MMO gamers locking up their grandmothers to extend the uncommon drop fee on a boss. You recognize that they’d do it. Jagex says it will clarify all inside a pair weeks, however clearly does not wish to surrender the key so near launch.

OS RuneScape, as you might have gathered, could be a barely loopy place. A kind of who’ll be dashing for his or her Vestiges is that this legend, who after 150K kills has managed to collect each single boss merchandise within the game. However that is nearly too simple, too vanilla. Extra lately, a quirk emerged after some routine upkeep that allowed gamers to mass homicide one another with a easy textual content command, which in fact they did, and it acquired so dangerous Jagex needed to briefly take the game offline.