MLB The Show 22
MLB The Show 22

A Home Run occurs when a batter hits the ball in such a way that the batter may travel beyond the four bases of the sphere without being interrupted by the defensive team. So, home runs are something we should constantly strive for in any game. It’s obvious that with this kind of talent, hitting a home run in the game will be difficult, or is it? If you need to hit a home run on a regular basis, you’ve come to the right location. In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to hit a home run in MLB The Show 22.

hit home run mlb show 22

To hit more home runs, your best bet is to use the game’s Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI). Using the PCI increases your chances of hitting a home run. You should adjust certain options to improve your PCI. These are:

  • Settings:
    • Battering & Baserunning:
      • Plate Coverage Indicator – ON
      • PCI Center – ON
      • PCI Inner – Starfighter
      • PCI Outer – None
      • PCI Fadeout – None

Here’s the general advice you should follow if you want to consistently smash a home run in MLB The Show 22. On the PCI, go for the higher torso space of the Pitcher. This is for when you’re expecting a High Fastball. You must do this in order to be prepared, regardless of the type of Pitch you will receive. Give it a Good Swing when the pitch comes. You’ll need to be on time for this.

You’ll hit a Home Run once you’ve forecasted where the ball will go and timed a Good Swing. However, because to the proportions of the Field, your shot is unlikely to be a Homer. Even yet, always take the shot, especially if it’s a High Ball.