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Minion Simulator Codes
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Minion Simulator is another great Roblox game that lets you play as a minion and mine to your heart’s content. Similar to Minecraft, mining is the main objective of the game, offering gold and gems as rewards. You can use the gold and gems to upgrade your character. Gems are crucial to have in the game because they enable you to unlock new areas and buy amazing minions which mine better and make your game easier to play.

There is a simpler way to get ahead in the game. We have codes that can help you get codes offering gold and gems. You can also use some codes which boost your minion.

All Codes for Minion Simulator

We will post the current codes which are working in the game. However, we will transfer them to the expired section if they get outdated. There is no set time for these codes to work, we recommend using them as soon as possible.

Last Checked: October 17, 2022.

Current Minion Simulator Codes

  • LIKE170K — 2x Triple Damage Boosters (NEW)
  • LIKE160K — 2x Triple Gems Boosters (NEW)
  • GROUP700K — 1x Triple Gems Booster (NEW)
  • LIKE150K — 2x Mega Lucky Boosters (NEW)
  • LIKE140K — 1x Mega Lucky Boosters (NEW)
  • TWITTER60K — 1x Triple Gems Booster, 1x Triple Damage Booster (NEW)
  • GROUP200K — 1x Triple Gems Booster (NEW)

Expired Minion Simulator Codes

  • WUMPUS4000 — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • TWITTER15K — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • TWITTER10K — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • NEON — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • LIKE5000 — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • LIKE10K — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • TWITTER2K — Redeem for a Super Lucky Booster
  • LIKE500 — Redeem this code for 5k gems
  • LIKE750 — Redeem this code for 5k gems
  • Like2000 — Redeem this code for a Triple Gem Booster
  • LIKE15K — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • LIKE20K — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • LIKE25K — Redeem for Rewards!!
  • LIKE80K — Redeem for a 3 Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE90K—Redeem for 3 Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE100K—Redeem for 2 Mega Lucky Boosters
  • LIKE110K—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster and a Triple Damage Booster (New)
  • LIKE120K—Redeem for 2 Triple Damage Booster (New)
  • TWITTER1K — Redeem this code for a Triple Gem Booster
  • LAUNCH—Redeem this code for a Triple Gem Booster and Super Lucky Booster
  • LIKE250—Redeem this code for 3k gems

How to Redeem Codes For Minion Simulator

Minion Simulator Codes
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Follow these simple steps to redeem codes in the game.

  • Click the “Shop” icon on the left side of your screen
  • Select “Redeem” after scrolling to the bottom of the menu window with lots of options
  • Click on the empty space for code “Redeem Code” and enter your code
  • Click on “Redeem”

If you followed all the steps correctly, you will end up with the rewards. If you like this guide, check out our code guides on different games here. We keep them up to date with new codes regularly.

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