Small Treehouse Minecraft
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Treehouses in Minecraft are a good idea for many reasons. Minecraft treehouses can be used to avoid hostile mobs, scout out locations or structures from the treetops, and provide great vantage points to use in archery practice! Also, they just look really cool.

If you’re living in a biome with a lot of trees, building a treehouse just makes sense. If you’re tired of living in fear of creepers and zombies, you need to check out these Minecraft treehouse ideas!

Minecraft Treehouse Designs

Spruce Forest Treehouse

Minecraft Spruce Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Spruce trees can get tall. These towering trees are perfect for building treehouses on! If you don’t want anything to do with ground-bound hostile mobs, spruce tree treehouses are the way to go! Your treehouse can be customized based on your individual wants and needs, but for this specific treehouse, you’ll need these building materials:

  • 56 Spruce Wood Blocks
  • 6 Stripped Spruce Wood Blocks
  • 34 Spruce Wood Stairs
  • 1 Spruce Wood Door
  • 1 Spruce Wood Plank
  • 2 Yellow Glass Blocks
  • 4 Torches

Swamp Treehouse

Minecraft Swamp Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Even Minecraft witches couldn’t build a better swamp hut! Swamp trees aren’t too tall, but they don’t have to be for this treehouse. In addition to being off the ground, the water surrounding this treehouse offers extra protection from mobs, especially endermen! Your swamp treehouse can be made of anything you have on hand, but to build this Minecraft treehouse you’ll need these items:

  • 76 Dark Oak Wood Planks
  • 46 Birch Wood Planks
  • 36 Mossy Cobblestone Stairs
  • 2 Dark Oak Doors
  • 4 Green Stained Glass Blocks
  • 4 Soul Torches

Mushroom Treehouse

Minecraft Mushroom Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Giant mushroom trees are like Minecraft’s forbidden Smurf houses. Every Minecraft player has secretly wanted to turn one of these giant shrooms into a home; they’re already house-shaped! This puts a creative twist on the classic Minecraft treehouse, and they’re super simple to make! Since these homes come halfway built, the only building materials you’ll need will be:

  • 17 Mangrove Wood Fence Posts
  • 1 Mangrove Wood Fence Gate
  • 25 Red Mushroom Blocks
  • 4 Pearlescent Frog Lights
  • 9 Redstone Torches

Snowy Treehouse

Minecraft Snow Golem Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

This treehouse offers great protection from ground-bound hostile mobs and more mobile hostile mobs! Whatever mobs manage to get close will be kept at bay by your trusty snow golem! This treehouse blends right into the landscape, which makes it difficult for even players to see your base. This treehouse can be customized to fit your camouflage needs, but to build this specific treehouse (and golem), you will need these items:

  • 24 Dark Oak Wood Fence Posts
  • 91 Spruce Wood Blocks
  • 12 Brown-Stained Glass Blocks
  • 8 Torches
  • 5 Ladders
  • 2 Snow Blocks
  • 1 Jack O’ Lantern

Dangling Dungeon

Minecraft Dangling Dungeon Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

This dangling dungeon puts a spooky twist on classic Minecraft treehouses! Whether it’s nearing Halloween or you just prefer a spookier aesthetic, this dangling dungeon presents a unique structure to any Minecraft world. The spookiness of these Minecraft treehouses depends on the materials used, but for this spooky treehouse you will need these materials:

  • 10 Iron Blocks
  • 7 Chains
  • 50 Smooth Stone Blocks
  • 24 Iron Bars
  • 1 Candle
  • 4 Jack O’ Lanterns

Treehouse Bridge

Minecraft Bridge Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Why build up when you can build out? This Minecraft treehouse acts as a covered bridge between two trees, it’s almost like a double treehouse! This treehouse is as simple as it is long; it only takes a few different materials and is great for densely packed forests. Your material amount may depend on the density of your forest, but this specific treehouse bridge was built with these materials:

  • 151 Oak Wood Planks
  • 6 Glass Blocks
  • 2 Ochre Frog Lights
  • 5 Ladders
  • 1 Oak Trapdoor

Camouflaged Treehouse

Minecraft Camouflaged Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

This treehouse is practically invisible! If you’re avoiding mobs and other players, this hidden treehouse is perfect. Not only is it hidden, but it’s also incredibly simple and quick to build! All players need to do is shave off the top layer of a tree’s leaves, and build a natural-looking room using the same leaves. Since this treehouse practically comes prebuilt, all players will need to build this treehouse will be these items:

  • 36 Spruce Leaf Blocks
  • 8 Ladders
  • 1 Spruce Trapdoor
  • 1 Glowstone Block

Giant Beehive

Minecraft Giant Beehive Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Bee the queen of your Minecraft treehouse! This treehouse allows players to virtually live out their dreams of being a honeybee! This giant beehive is creative and incredibly simple to make; it only takes 1 type of building material. You can make your hive as huge as you want, but this hive takes these simple items:

  • 34 Bee Nest Blocks

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Getting creative with houses in Minecraft will never prove to be a boring activity! If you’ve already built more houses than you know what to do with in Minecraft, try hunting down The Warden or discovering The Ancient City!