There has never been a better time to start playing Minecraft. By 2020, the game will have 131 simultaneous users, so there will always be someone to accompany the player to log in. Players can build huge buildings, destroy enemies, and even speed up the game for fun.

Like many other games, enemies, allies, and various NPCs have hit boxes. These boxes show exactly how much space the entity takes up, which can be useful for a number of reasons. Players who want to get the most out of the Minecraft experience will want to know how to watch them in-game.

How To Show Hitboxes

It’s actually quite easy to see hitboxes in the Java version of the game: just press the F3 and B keys on the keyboard at the same time. That’s! When the player wants them to disappear again, this key combination can be used to turn the Hitbox on or off. Unfortunately, this method only works in Java Edition.

Once the hitboxes is on, a white line will appear forming a box around the content that the physical player is viewing. These boxes do not always match the exact shape of the entity and sometimes highlight various parts of the body. This is especially important to realize, because even if the player hits an entity with a sword in an area where there is no hit box, it will not deal damage.

Hitboxs will also display the entity’s line of sight. This is the big red rectangle that surrounds the entire head. That is why the player cannot sneak into mobs, they are programmed to have literal meaning behind the eyes. The player can still tell the direction the entity is facing by looking at the blue line away from the eye.

How Seeing Hitboxes Can Be Useful

Dealing Damage: The hitbox is most useful for seeing where the enemy can get damaged. Some enemies, like a ghast, that don’t have hitboxes where the player could expect. When it does nothing, there is no reason to waste your time hacking and slashing drastically!

Tactical Retreats: Let’s face it, sometimes there are too many mobs and players will have to escape. The best way is to break the vision of the player’s mob. Due to the wide range of some mobs, it can be difficult to escape. It will be easier to do with building blocks, so that the enemy can no longer see if the player has built a large enough wall.

Fast Farming: Generally, players like to create gadgets for farm animals, enemies, and mobs. This can be a quick way to get a lot of drops quickly. Players can see small blocks of small animals, against the larger ones for those fully grown, making automatic farming easier.

Breaking Objects: Objects have their own hitboxes, and knowing exactly where they are and how they interact with the player is valuable information. It’s even possible to destroy player’s creatures, NPCs, or vehicles just by hitting the object’s hit box and avoiding any other nearby hitboxes.