Minecraft players only need a little guidance to enter a vast open world full of crafts. This allows players to roam and learn freely, and learn at their own pace, but this may mean that certain game secrets will remain hidden for several hours. Making tables, ovens, and other useful equipment is generally the first thing players are familiar with in Minecraft, but another useful item in the game may be a mystery to some players: the lectern.

Players will undoubtedly come across the lectern during the Minecraft replay process, but the actual use and production of the lectern may be a mystery. When players explore their own world, they usually find the in-game version of this lectern in the village, making it difficult to understand crafting recipe and exact details. However, it can be built in the crafting table and can really be useful for people who play Minecraft with friends.

The lectern is used to hold books and quill or written books for the players. Books and quill are what gamers need to write messages in books, and they are especially useful for people using multiplayer games. These can be written and placed for any player in the Minecraft world to read. Important news, places and events can be recorded in these books and left for all to read on these lectern. Most importantly, the lectern has a scholarly appearance and is often an important part of the player’s library or academic entertainment.

Besides having an aesthetic value and being used as a message board, the lectern is also the focus of the work of the Librarian villagers. Librarian Villagers are very useful for their trading supplies and often provide players with enchanted books. When the lectern is placed near an unemployed villager, the villager will designate himself as the librarian, and the lectern will be responsible.

This immediately opens up trading opportunities, but in order to get better trading rates and materials, players must spend time and materials on that villager to upgrade their level. This is very useful for players who breed villagers in Minecraft and farm them for their trades..

After assembling these materials, players only need to place three slabs at the top, a bookcase in the middle, and a slab at the bottom. Players should note that no matter what type of wood is used, the lectern always appears to be made entirely of oak. Therefore, anyone looking to create stunning interiors in Minecraft should keep this in mind.