Minecraft Froglights
Minecraft Froglights

The 1.18 Update has just been released, and the new 1.19 Update has been announced. In this update new blocks like Froglight will be added. The new Froglight Block was introduced in the Bedrock BETA release. It is the newest Light Source Block in Minecraft, and it will be included with the Swamp Update. In this guide we will see how you can get this block and use it.

At the time of writing, the Froglight Block is only accessible in Minecraft Bedrock BETA. In Minecraft, the Froglight block is a Light Source Block that emits a Light Level of 15. Froglight Block is solid so it can also suffocate players. This Block has three variations:

  • Ochre Froglight Block.
  • Pearlescent Froglight Block.
  • Verdant Froglight Block.

Frogs can be used to obtain each of these blocks. Here’s how to acquire each of the Froglight variations.

  • Swamp Frog (Orange) eating a Magma Cube will give an Ochre Froglight Block (Yellow) in Minecraft.
  • Tropical Frog (White) eating a Magma Cube will give a Pearlescent Froglight Block (Purple).
  • Snowy Frog (Green) eating a Magma Cube will give a Verdant Froglight Block (Green).