Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons

There are several builds in Minecraft Dungeons, but not every creation is one of the greatest. And using the right construct can transform the way you play the game. Once you’ve found the right build for you, you can put it to the test in the game’s many challenges. So, in this article, we’ll quickly go through a list of the best constructions to employ in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best Builds List to Use in Minecraft Dungeons

minecraft dungeons best builds list

Below are among the greatest builds that you should use on this game.

  • Soul Builds
  • Speed Builds
  • Bulky/Tank Builds
  • High Damage Builds

Let us check out all of them. Below I’ll give all the greatest weapons, armor, and artifacts for making the builds.

Soul Builds

  • First construct
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Nocturnal Bow
    • Armor: Soul Robe
    • Artifact: Soul Healer
  • Second construct
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Voidcaller
    • Armor: Archer’s Armor
    • Artifact: Harvester

Speed – Best Builds for Minecraft Dungeons

  • First construct
    • Melee Weapon: Moon Daggers
    • Ranged Weapon: Dual Crossbows
    • Armor: Soul Robe
    • Artifact: Boots of Swiftness
  • Second construct
    • Melee Weapon: Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Auto Crossbow
    • Armor: Evocation Robe
    • Artifact: Death Cap Mushroom

Bulky/Tank Builds

  • First construct
    • Melee Weapon: Whirlwind
    • Ranged Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
    • Armor: Stalwart Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Hide Amulet
  • Second construct
    • Melee Weapon: Maulers
    • Ranged Weapon: Power Bow
    • Armor: Full Metal Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Hide Amulet

High Damage Builds

  • First construct
    • Melee Weapon: Resolute Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Wind Bow
    • Armor: Splendid Robe
    • Artifact: Corrupted Beacon
  • Second construct
    • Melee Weapon: Chill Gale Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Echo of the Valley
    • Armor: Cave Crawler
    • Artifact: Corrupted Seeds