Minecraft Cocricot Mod is a free Japanese resource pack that focuses on architecture. It will add a lot of materials to give you a complete modern European appearance, including furniture, decoration, artwork, etc. This will completely change everything.

You can get city views, cafes, etc. through it. Players can demonstrate their creativity and interior design skills through this resource pack.

  • To use it head to download Cocricot Minecraft mod. Optifine and Forge is also needed.
  • Once everything is installed, you need to use Cocricot.
  • Click on Options and then select Resource Packs.
  • Click Open Resource Pack Folder and use the zip file of Cocricot in the folder. Relaunch Minecraft.
  • Now Choose Cocricot from the Resource Pack selection screen.

To ensure that things run smoothly players need to enable CTM, changing the Video settings -> Details -> setting Trees to Smart or Fancy and removing square clouds.