In the early days of Miitopia, the player’s task was to choose a job for his character. First, there are only six options, but at the end of the game, players can unlock up to 14 different jobs. In most games that use a working system, players can freely switch between any tasks that they unlock, but the player’s choice at the beginning of the game is much more important than usual. The game allows players to switch jobs to any job they haven’t unlocked previously, but the process of doing so is a bit tricky.

The job system was initiated by “Final Fantasy 3” and then improved in later works of the series and by “Bravely Default”. Miitopia uses something similar to this working system, but has its own settings. Players will eventually be able to try all the work, but not at the beginning of the game.

Essentially, at the end of each chapter, the player will face the “Daerk Lord”. It seals the player’s power, deprives them of their work, and forces them to start again. This happens at the end of the first and second chapters, not at the end of the third chapter. In the first two chapters, players always insist on all the jobs they choose, and only after the power is sealed can they switch and choose new jobs.

At the end of the game, players will find themselves in an area called Karkaton. At the inn, players can switch between any jobs they unlock. At this point in the story, they should have the first six jobs, three of which are to beat the first chapter and three to beat the second chapter.

The player may have unlocked vampire work and elf work at this point. From now on, players only need to visit the hotel to change jobs, and all previously sealed jobs can maintain their work progress after being unlocked again.

With this in mind, players should carefully choose one of Miitopia’s job they will enjoy when starting the game. This is especially important when choosing a job for the second time, because you will be troubled by the job throughout the entire process of Chapters 2 and 3.