The Stained Soil places quest is the very first thing that really stumped me in Midnight Suns. It is not precisely an Easter Egg hunt: you are in search of proof of the stays of witches killed by Hiram Shaw, the merciless Reverend of Salem within the Marvel universe.

Had I unlocked sufficient of the Abbey places to have the ability to find the Stained Soil samples? Did I would like to finish the Standing Stones puzzle? Midnight Suns does not give a ton of course.

The excellent news: for those who’re battling it, there isn’t any hurry to finish the search. The Abbey stuff, for essentially the most half, runs independently from the marketing campaign, and I used to be capable of do a bunch of story missions though I hadn’t made progress on discovering the Stained Soil. If you happen to need assistance, although, this is a step-by-step walkthrough.

Search The Research

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Right earlier than you begin the Stained Soil quest, Midnight Suns asks you to “Search the Research” in Shaw’s Church, a centuries-old constructing on the east facet of the map. Agatha retains occurring about “There should be one thing we’re lacking.” Not very useful, ghost grandma!

Seems, it’s important to cast the second Phrase of Energy, “Atum,” on the desk in the midst of the room, where a magnifying glass overlooks an in any other case empty desk. The primary clues (“Coven Suspects,” as sketched contemporaneously by Shaw), concerning the location of the Stained Soil are revealed when you do that.

midnight suns stained soil locations quest solution

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Discover Stained Soil A, B, and C

The identical images you present in Shaw’s Church are magically transported to the library room of the Abbey, adjoining to the Mirror Desk. You’ll be able to revisit them there to place the picture contemporary in your thoughts, or discover the options under.

Stained Soil A location

Quick journey or jog over to the Standing Stones. Whereas standing on the stone monument surrounded by giant vertical totems, look north to discover a cave within the distance (you should utilize the map to orient north by trying on the Hunter’s icon), down the hill from the Standing Stones.

Shaw’s sketch, I finally discovered, was not of the extra distinguished cave to the east. This one was the toughest to find for me.

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Stained Soil B location

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Southeast of Dreamer’s Descent, down the highway phase extending from that space you will discover a stone cave. The soil shall be beside a desk stacked with books.

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Stained Soil C location

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Observe the river exterior the Coaching Yard till you discover the horseshoe image stamped to a different picket put up on the best facet of the river, which terminates beside a cliffwall that is been transformed into somewhat camp, not in contrast to the opposite places.

Discover the Hanging Tree

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After you ship all three soil samples without delay to Agatha within the library, she’ll whisk you all the way down to Agatha’s Altar to disclose one other sketch, this one depicting one other morbid location: the Hanging Tree! 

The Hanging Tree is west of Shaw’s Church and southwest of Agatha’s Cottage. Search for the circle-shaped highway on the map in that area. The tree is roofed in green glowing runes—it is arduous to overlook when you detect it.

(Picture credit score: 2K Video games)