Stumble Guys
Image via Kitka Games

In Stumble Guys — which is wholly unlike any other game currently on the market — the objective is to make it from point “A” to point “B” before the competition. In some ways, it can be a lot easier to be the victor victor poultry predictor than in the … other game … but in some ways, it can be a lot harder. Here are some tips and tricks that can be used to make this indie masterpiece easier.

As I mentioned above, theoretically, getting a crown in Stumble Guys is a lot easier than in Fall Guys. For starters, the games are a lot quicker, at around 3 rounds per. Also, the individual rounds are a lot faster, as they usually consist of smaller areas and simpler obstacles. But, here are some other tactics to consider if you want to earn more crowns without stumbling too hard.

Be sure to jump whenever possible. In many instances — especially when you’re in the midst of a crowd, it can be a perfect opportunity to jump and dive ahead of everyone else.

Speaking of diving. Do that. No, seriously. If you can master the art of the dive, you’ll be able to go faster than your enemies and secure your spot at the finish line.

Get used to the maps. Because the maps aren’t too terribly lengthy, it can be helpful to know what obstacles are coming up and how to avoid them.

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In any case, here’s hoping these tactics can secure you more victories in Stumble Guys. If you’d like more content on Stumble Guys or Fall Guys and other indie games like them, stick with Gamer Journalist.